This is the key event in history, which can never be erased

Source Fr. Livio’s Blog

Dear friends of Radio Maria,

May the wish for a Merry Christmas be a wish for peace and joy for all of us. In the silence of Bethlehem, in fact, these are the two words that resonate in the night, when Heaven opened to greet the birth of the Savior.

May our hearts open to the singing of the angels and share the joy and faith of the shepherds who come to adore the Child Jesus.

The event of Christmas is the heart of human history, a troubled journey amidst the raging of evil and death, in the search for a salvation to cling to.

And here in the darkness of the night the miracle happens, the unexpected event, the long-awaited turning point, which however takes place on the margins, far from the noise and traffic, from the riches and vanities of the world.

In a cave, an animal refuge, a Child is generated by a Virgin, whose name is Jesus, the Savior, the Prince of peace, the hope of the people.

This is the key event in history, which can never be erased, because it is the cornerstone of the world, without which everything would collapse into the abyss of nothingness.

In vain do the powers of evil band together to disperse it, to annihilate it, to erase its memory, in the illusion of replacing it.

The persecution of that Child began immediately and has lasted until today, but every time the iniquitous projects collapse in on themselves, under the rubble of the pride and foolishness of their authors.

Even today that Child is recognized, loved and adored only by a few and is rejected and persecuted by many, who fear for their plans for power and glory.

How long will the challenge to the Child of Bethlehem continue? Is the moment of his universal dominion in hearts and in the world still far away?

Only He knows when, but it is certain that that moment will come, which it is up to us to hasten by crowning Him King and Lord of our hearts.

Merry Christmas with Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Your Father Livio