November 19, 2018 Vatican Envoy to Medjugorje Pilgrims…”You are at home, here the Mother of God awaits you”

Published originally at Papaboys 3.0 Translated from Italian by Google

Mons. Hoser to the pilgrims who go to Medjugorje: ‘You are at home, here the Mother of God awaits you!’

Over the past week-end, more than two thousand people from Karlovac were in Medjugorje for a Spiritual Retreat. They climbed the Apparition Hill and Križevac , and participated in the evening prayer liturgical program.

To report the information are various sites that deal with Medjugorje, and so far, it would not be ‘news’ because there are millions of souls who every year go to the town of Mary. A peaceful ‘army’ of pilgrims who go to the land of Mary to bring their own pains and hopes, their ‘crosses’ and the expectations of new ‘ascents’.

pilgrims to Medjugorje

Here the Mother awaits you!’

What inspired our editorial staff on this pilgrimage, however, were the words of Pope Francis’ envoy to Medjugorje, Archbishop Henryk Hoser, Apostolic Visitator , who on this occasion addressed them with words of greeting, saying among other things: « Welcome! I would like to greet you warmly on the occasion of your pilgrimage to Medjugorje and your stay here. You have arrived home. Here the Mother awaits you. She is the Mother of God. Mary is the Mother and she is also the Queen of Heaven and earth. She is the mother of us all. The Church calls it “Mother of the Church”. Like Our Lady gave birth to Jesus, so she gave birth to the Church. When we have this awareness that Medjugorje is a house of the Father, a home of the Mother, then we can feel good here “.

In recent years, Medjugorje has been at the center of the attention of the faithful – and not only – of the whole world, often also provoking ire and fierce comments from those we want to define as “negationists”. Over the years they have pointed out various contradictions, such as the enrichment of the visionaries, the Madonna who speaks too much … and so on!


An official voice of the Church

But when talking is an official voice of the Catholic Church , we really think that this Marian phenomenon, especially since Pope Francis began to take an interest in ‘putting his hands’ on the file Ruini, has had a notable acceleration towards recognition. The path will still be long, since the apparitions are still ongoing and there are the mysterious 10 secrets that – sooner or later – will be revealed, and which will constitute – we say ‘unfortunately’ because there would be no need – an additional litmus test on the veracity of the apparitions.

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