Where the Refuges will be Located in the Great Tribulation to “preserve the faithful remnant”

The places where the faithful remnant will be preserved.

Humanity is unconsciously calling for a great tribulation that will purify the world, as it insists on distancing itself from God and confronting Him.

And what about the faithful followers of God? Will they suffer the tribulation in the same way?

Heaven has been telling the visionaries that it will protect those who surrender to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

And does that mean physical protection? Here we will show that yes.

Do you mean there will be physical shelters then? Several psychics have been told yes.

And how big will these shelters be? Where will they be located?  

Here we will show why there will be physical refuges for those who surrender to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and we will give some indications about the size of those refuges and where they might be located, so that we continue to discern.

There should be little doubt that humanity does not want to change, repent and convert, and that God is not going to continue allowing creation to be destroyed and so many of His children lost.

So humanity’s sin is causing a purification and tribulation to come like the world has never seen before. 

And the messages that seers from Heaven are receiving consistently say that true believers will be prepared.

Some will be chosen as martyrs and will have all the help to go through this process with joy and gratitude to God.

And others will be preserved and physically protected so that they will be the seed of the new era of peace that will be inaugurated later.

But some question whether Heaven establishes such protection and refuges for the faithful remnant.

Because they maintain that all Christians must go through the passion that their teacher went through.

However, it is striking that this is said by Catholics .

Aren’t they supposed to have read the Bible?

Because Revelation 12 tells the story of how God preserves and gives physical refuge to the Blessed Virgin.

It tells that the Woman Clothed with the Sun is about to give birth to Jesus and the dragon wants to snatch Her newborn son from Her.

Then God takes Jesus and takes him with Him, and gives the woman wings to go to the desert, where God has prepared a refuge in which she will be fed for one thousand two hundred and sixty days, that is, 3 and a half years.  

The text says that the food was already prepared, it was not something improvised.

And in all times of tribulation, God has provided some form of physical protection to preserve at least a remnant of His People. 

The most typical was Noah’s Ark , in which God preserved Noah’s family and a couple of animals of each species, from the tribulation that He would send through water, to purify the Earth.

Another form of preservation was what God did to Lot and his family, whom he told to flee and not look back because he was going to destroy the city.

And it turns out that Lot’s wife was turned into salt for looking back, that is, for not exactly fulfilling God’s plan of preservation.

And another refuge was Egypt for the Holy Family.

Joseph was awakened by the Archangel Gabriel to flee to the desert of Egypt , in order to preserve the Holy Family from Herod’s persecution.

And weren’t the catacombs refuges for the first Christians? 

Several mystics have spoken in recent years about the refuges of God.

And lately we have reported on the visions that were given to Deacon John Martinez of Texas.

But this deacon, like most mystics who have received revelations about refuges, do not refer to refuges as places of preservation independent of the faith of those preserved and of God’s plan.

On the contrary, they maintain that God’s plan is not to preserve those who make their bunkers to be safe, but rather those who surrender to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which is the Ark of the New Covenant.

When one surrenders to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, with all that it implies, She will indicate to him in due course what God destined him for tribulation.

It may have been destined for a refuge that the Blessed Virgin and the Holy Spirit are directing, or it may be somewhere else.

So the first refuge is spiritual, the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Our Lady of Fatima told the little shepherds “My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and the path that will lead you to God.”

And to Father Gobbi, “My Immaculate Heart is your safest refuge and the means of salvation that, in this time, God gives to the Church and humanity… Whoever does not enter this refuge will be swept away by the Great Storm that has already begun. to whip.”

And to Luisa Piccarreta, Our Lady told her that her Heart is “the ark of refuge.”

But the spiritual refuge of the Immaculate Heart of Mary also has its correlation in the physical world.

And it is clear that devotion to Our Lady has provided not only spiritual but also physical protection to the Church.

Let us think of the miraculous defeat of the Ottoman forces at Lepanto.

Or how the Jesuits who prayed the Rosary in Hiroshima were preserved, who were miraculously protected from the atomic explosion, and even from radiation burns.

Saint Francis de Sales, precisely interpreting chapter 12 of Revelation and referring to the persecution of the antichrist, says that “the Church will be fed and preserved in the midst of the deserts and solitudes to which She will withdraw.”

The message that Father Gobbi received from Our Lady is even clearer, he told her that “There are physical evils, such as diseases, disasters, accidents, droughts, earthquakes and incurable diseases that are spreading… There are also social evils… To be protected from all these evils, I invite you to take cover in the safe haven of My Immaculate Heart.” 

And in 2004 Our Lady told visionary Jennifer from the USA, “The time is soon coming, it is rapidly approaching, for My places of refuge are in stages of preparation at the hands of My faithful. My People, My angels will come and guide you to your places of refuge where you will be sheltered from the storms and the forces of the antichrist and this world government.”

And there are 2 interesting and food for thought things that were said to Deacon John Martínez.

One is that there will be physical shelters of various sizes, the one in Texas will be 700 by 700 kilometers, others larger and others smaller.

And his lights were shown to them from above, he saw 4 refuges in the United States, 2 in Canada, four in South America and hundreds around the world.

If this were the case, these shelters would not simply be isolated houses but entire towns and they would be few. 

And the second is that he was told that with the tribulation many coastal areas and entire nations will disappear.

So it might be reasonable to think that the shelters will be in preserved areas that will not be submerged, and in this regard there are flood maps created by Gordon Scallion in 1979.  

But more important than that, in several apparitions Our Lady has said that the place where she appeared is sacred ground and will be preserved.

And if so, then we should start paying attention to where she has said that area will be preserved, because that is probably one of the future refuges.