Medjugorje Today May 1, 2021 (NEW VIDEO) Vicka “Satan is a tireless seducer” Here is how to stop him


Through Vicka’s replies to Father Livio, readers will be able to understand an authentic witness to the appearances of the Blessed Mother. And listeners will also discover Vicka’s profound spirituality and her continuous and intimate union with the Lord and Our Lady.

Father Livio: “The ten secrets make people think about the future. What do you tell the faithful who are worried?

Vicka: We should not worry about tomorrow; but care about living God’s will today, for this moment, for this present moment is the most important one of our earthly existence. Fr. Livio: “Many people seek you out, including people who don’t believe but would like to. What would you like to say to them?

Vicka: We believers should be more aware of how immense the gift of faith is and feel the need to dedicate time every day to prayer and be good examples for others.

The excuses offered by non-believers who think that God should intervene directly are not valid. It takes personal commitment by each person to obtain God’s grace, and God who is Father full of mercy will not fail to answer us. God is infinite love. We have to do all that we can to obtain His intervention. So, besides praying, we should make an effort to know the revealed Truth and keep away from evil.

Unfortunately, Satan is a tireless seducer: he hides evil beneath a good appearance; he tempts people. In these days Satan prays especially on the young people and also weak families. He makes young people prefer fleeting joys, which always leads to tragic unhappiness.

Sadly this induces the victims of Satan to renounce the immense joy which God grants straight away to those who resist temptation and live their Christian lives in an orderly and honest manner.
Fr. Livio: How should we live this time of grace?

Vicka: This is how to stop him – Our Lady has said a number of times that this time is a moment of great grace, But many of us have lost the initial zeal to listen to her messages. That is why she insists that we pray. Her hope is that we will decide to listen to her.

Our Lady is very patient. We are in the time of the great conversion, and we should take advantage of it. Our Lady also says that many people listen to the messages, but then get tired. Our Lady would prefer that we live them day by day, a little at a time, with a consistency, rather than live them with great fervor immediately and then forget them.

She reminds us not worry about tomorrow; but care about living God’s will today, for this moment is the most important one of our earthly existence.

To understand this better, I would like  to share a  message from Our Lady that can help us comprehend. She says: “Dear children! I am with you all these years to lead you to the way of salvation. Return to my Son; return to prayer and fasting.

Little children, permit for God to speak to your heart, because Satan is reigning and wants to destroy your lives and the earth on which you walk.

Be courageous and decide for holiness. You will see conversion in your hearts and families; prayer will be heard; God will hear your cries and give you peace. I am with you and am blessing you all with my motherly blessing. Thank you for having responded to my call.