Because the Queen of Peace prays in Aramaic

Because the Queen of Peace prays in Aramaic.

Dearest Father Livio,

From the testimonies of the visionaries (Marija and Ivan) we know that the Madonna sometimes prays in Aramaic, which is her mother tongue.

I don’t know if something like this happened in any other previous apparition. This seems to me to be an important and significant fact.

I read that he would do it so as not to communicate something secret to the visionaries. Honestly, it’s an explanation that doesn’t convince me. If that is the motivation, Our Lady could pray in silence.

What do you think?

Thank you dear Father for everything you do for us every day.

Erminia of Como

Dear Erminia,

I asked Marija a question on this topic in an interview here on Radio Maria.

Maria replied:

“On some occasions the Madonna prays in a language that we didn’t understand what it was, then we asked and she told us that it was her mother tongue.”

“That is, Aramaic?”

“Yes. Sometimes instead she prays in silence with her hands outstretched.”

Aramaic was the language of the population of the territory of Israel and surrounding areas. And it was also the language that Jesus learned from his Mother.

It is a different language from Hebrew, with which the Old Testament was written, even if they have 25 percent words in common.

Jesus obviously also knew Hebrew as evidenced by his Scripture quotations. I believe we can say the same thing about the Madonna.

Currently, Aramaic is still spoken in some places in the Middle East.

I agree with you on the fact that Our Lady prays in Aramaic has a meaning yet to be discovered.

One of the reasons could be that she wants to remind us that she and her Son are Jews and that, despite the evil one’s desire to eliminate this people , it is precisely two Jews who govern the present and future world.

Ave Maria

Father Livio