Miracle Photo From Montana – Mystic Post Reader Says Halo and Crown “Miraculously” appeared in photo.

“Yes, the original Halo was a pipe cleaner. The picture I got back is the picture I sent you. With the twelve stars and Halo. I took the picture to a friend that taught ceramics. She said Gerri look at the skin. You would not get such clear skin on a plastic statue, nor would the gold design, be so bright.

I am a retired therapist. And that picture stayed in my office, but clients, I had dedicated my life to the children, asking the Holy Spirit to speak through me.”Gerri Marchion

I spoke with Gerri Marchion on the phone and she told me all about the photo. The original “Halo” was made from a simple “fuzzy” pipe cleaner. She described the “pipe cleaner halo” as the kind of thing kids would use to make a Halo for Holloween or for a school play – very crude and simple. Gerri and her father attached the “pipe cleaner” halo to the Madonna Statue. She told me when she had the photos developed (a few months after she took them ) she could not believe what she saw. She is convinced the appearance of the crown of twelve stars was a true miracle. She also believes the Madonna Statue is of “Our Lady of America”. Steve Ryan Mystic Post Publisher