“The Hand of God” – Mysterious cloud seen in the skies of Brazil – Miracle or omen?

SOURCE: La Luce di Maria

The hand of God in Brazil

mysterious cloud , shaped like a hand, was seen and photographed in the skies of Brazil. Between the cities of Asuncion and Juazeirinho, a miracle is shouted. A very rare phenomenon, never seen before: a new one in the shape of a hand, as if to protect something.

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Several photos have been published on various social networks, some of which with the words ” the hand of God on our cities “. This is a very particular phenomenon because, as meteorologists say, ” in those days, the sky in Brazil was clear of clouds, even passing “.

Miracle or omen?

Many people surprised by this phenomenon, there are those who also let themselves panic: ” I really hope that this hand does not mark the beginning of any war or tragedy ” – commented a resident of the city of Asuncion.

The mountain of the “finger of God”

Whether it’s an optical illusion or not, it’s not the first episode in Brazil where we talk about God and his presence on earth. Proof of this is the Dedo de Deus , a majestic mountain just 50 km outside Rio de Janeiro, which has the shape of a finger pointed towards the sky. It looks like a real giant hand that points its index upwards, indicating both its height and grandeur, as well as its direction towards the sky.

finger of god
photo web source: travelworld.it

Although the world seems increasingly to move away from its creator, God never forgets us, indicating his presence even in casual ways, to say the least. And he does it also through elements that he himself created.

Jesus said: ” Behold, I am with you every day, until the end of the world “, as it is written in the Gospel of Matthew, 28, 20.