The Queen of Peace at Medjugorje: A collection of some of her most beautiful messages left for the world in December

We live with her this period of preparation for the birth of baby Jesus.

01.1983 – “… when you pray perseveringly and come to mass despite your tiredness, he gives you everything you ask of him . … “

02.1991 – ” My children! How easy it would be to stop the war if I found so many people willing to pray and fast as you are doing now. “

03.2005 – “… Only pure hearts, filled with prayer and merciful can feel the love of my Son. … “/” Dear children, remember that Love will triumph . I know that many of you have lost hope, because around you they see suffering, pain, jealousy, envy. […] living my Son means living the Gospel and this is not easy. This means love, forgiveness and sacrifice. (message of 02.12.05 / 14)

4.1986 – “… Pray dear children! Only in this way can you know all the evil that is in you and offer it to the Lord, so that the Lord can purify your hearts completely. … “

05.1985 – “… Do not worry, dear children, so much of material things because in this way you would not be able to live the Christmas party. … “

06.1984 – “This Christmas will be unforgettable for you only if you accept the messages I am giving you. […] Do not allow the day of joy to become the saddest day for me. … “

07.1985 – “For the party of tomorrow I have only one wish. Please find at least a quarter of an hour to stand in front of me and confide in your problems. Nobody will understand you like me. “

08.1981 – “… If you do not have the strength to fast on bread and water, you can renounce other things. In addition to food, it would be good to give up television, because after watching television programs, you are distracted and can not pray.You could also give up alcohol, cigarettes and other pleasures. You know for yourself what you should do . “

Pray in front of the crib

09.2005 – “… pray in front of the crib . … “

10.1985 – ” Ask yourself often, but especially when you are nervous and angry: if Jesus were in my place, how would he behave now? … Think of Jesus and not your weakness: “

11.1986 – “… I wish you to live these days as I live them. With joy I wish to guide you and show you the joy to which I wish to lead each of you … “

12.1985 – “… For Christmas … pray more and think more about Jesus …”

13.1984 – “… first of all you must love your family … Let this week be dedicated to learning how to love. … “

14.2001- “… pray for your children and through this prayer you will all prepare yourselves for that great day that is coming. … “

15.1983 – “Those who make catastrophic predictions are false prophets. They say: “In that year, on that day, there will be a catastrophe”. I have always said that the punishment will come if the world does not convert. So I invite everyone to conversion. It all depends on your conversion. 

16.1981 – ” You just have to pray and fast. 

Pray and fast

17.1981 – ” Pray and fast. 

11.1986 – “… When you pray you are much more beautiful. … after prayer, show more in front of God all that beauty to become dear to him. … “

19.1985 – “… Today I invite you to glorify Jesus with me. … “

20.1984 – “… Today I call you to do something concrete for Jesus Christ. I want every family … to bring a flower to the day of Joy as a sign of abandonment to Jesus, … so that Jesus may come and see your abandonment to Him. “

Pray, pray, pray!

21.1981 – ” Pray, pray, pray! Only in this way can I protect you! … “

22.1983 – “… The most important thing for your body too is prayer .”

23.1981 / 82 – ” The Christmas Mass is celebrated at midnight and not in the evening. “/” … before the visible sign, it is a time of grace for believers … When the visible sign will come, for many it will already be too late.

24.1981 / 83 “… Give him glory by loving your neighbor and making peace reign among you!” / “… You must not think that Jesus will manifest himself again in the manger: He wants to renew his birth in your hearts! 


25.1999 / 2002/2005/2006 – “… Be bearers of the light and love of God …” / “… open your heart, so that the King of Peace may be born in your heart. … “/” … many of your hearts have remained closed … Pray for the gift of conversion … “/” … Decide for God and put it first in your family. … “

26.1985 – “… I want to guide you forward in love. Abandon your hearts to me. … “

27.1984 – “… In this Christmas Satan wanted to interfere in a particular way the plans of God. You, dear children, you also had to feel Satan on Christmas day. But God has won in all your hearts. And that happiness reigns in your hearts. 

28.2012 – “… ask yourself this question: ” What can I do to make my heart closer to Jesus? “. May this question guide you. Tell yourself: “What should I leave? What should I refuse, because my heart is closer to Jesus? “

29.1983 – “People … go to churches and sanctuaries to ask for some material grace. Very few, however, ask for the gift of the Holy Spirit. … if you have the gift of the Holy Spirit you have everything . “

30.2000 – “… When you pray according to my intentions, your heart opens up to me and then I can come and transform it. 

31.1981 – ” Tell those priests who do not believe, that I have always transmitted God’s messages to the world. I am sorry that they do not believe but we can not force anyone to believe.