Saint Rita please intercede with power for all those who live crushed in depression!

O God the Father Almighty, who manifest your goodness with your providence and mercy, listen graciously to the prayer that we address to you through the intercession of St. Rita, your faithful servant and our particular protector. Help, O Lord, the sick people who rely on you with trust and for which we humbly ask for your intervention now.




Give them strength in the trial, comfort in pain, conformity to your loving plan.
O ‘Saint Rita, who during your life you were so close to the sick people, comforted her with your words of peace and charity, intercede with God for these needy people so that they patiently support the proof to which they are subjected and reacquire full health if this great favor, which we so desire, conforms to the most holy will of God.

O ‘St. Rita, who so many times have shown us your valid intercession, help us in this particular moment of need, in particular give peace and hope to those who are close to our sick because they overcome evil with good and know how to transform even the more sad events in sources of eternal life.