Medjugorje Message June 2, 2019 to Mirjana: “Love has conquered death”

“Dear children, only a pure and an open heart will make it such that you may truly come to know my Son and that all those who do not know His love may come to know it through you. Only love will make you comprehend that it is stronger than death because true love conquered death and made it so that death does not exist. My children, forgiveness is the most exalted form of love. You, as apostles of my love, must pray that you be strong in spirit and that you could comprehend and forgive. You, apostles of my love, by understanding and forgiveness, are giving an example of love and mercy. To be able to comprehend and forgive is a gift for which it is necessary to pray, and to nurture it. By forgiveness you are showing that you know how to love. Just look, my children, how the Heavenly Father loves you with a great love, with understanding, forgiveness and justice—how He gives me, the Mother of your hearts, to you. And here I am among you to bless you with a motherly blessing, to call you to prayer, to fasting—to tell you to believe, to hope, to forgive, to pray for your shepherds, and above all to love without limits. My children, follow me. My way is the way of peace and love, the way of my Son. It is the way that leads to the triumph of my heart. Thank you.”

15 thoughts on “Medjugorje Message June 2, 2019 to Mirjana: “Love has conquered death”

  • “and made it so that death does not exist.” This is not correct theologically or rationally. Death does exist. I went to a funeral just the other day. The person was dead. On a theological level, we know that eternal death exists. It is called hell. Scripture teaches that hell – or as Scripture itself calls it “the second death” – and people go there. So, here we have another example of how the “Gospa” teaches something false. Thus proving these “apparitions” are not of God. Open your eyes and see! These are false apparitions meant to bring division to the Church and widespread disobedience.

    Why do you keep deleting my comments? Deleting the truth is very much a bad fruit of these “apparitions.” By deleting them you prove the bad fruits.

  • She means that death does not exist for the faithful Christian. “O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?”

  • You extracted part of the sentence to suit your paradym and in doing so missed the full message…which conquers the second death. The rest of the message states how to love..showing mercy and forgiving.

  • I will pray for you and your comprehension Al. You took the quote out of context. The context was based on True Love. Jesus is True Love. “True Love can conquer death and make it so death does not exist.”
    Belief in Jesus is what the Bible teaches.

  • Our Lady has reminded us many times that hell exists. Our Lady speaks as a good mother – the best of mothers. You are taking her quote out of context.

  • See with your heart – not with your eyes. Anything is possible with Our HEAVENY FATHER.

    Open your heart to love and mercy and believe. Surrender to Our Lord’s Love and Our Blessed Mother. Who directs us only to Her Son.
    Our Lord, Holy Sacred Heart will reign through he Immaculate Heart of Mary.

  • Another lie of the devil, JESUS is the way the truth and the Life. Who can believe this crazy message?

  • Our Lord God Almighty Jesus Christ is truly Great. Before I know my future husband . I meet a divorce man that I thought he will be my husband and I remembered it was Saturday evening before he supposed to get my answer on Sunday . And early morning on Sunday I heard a woman’s voice so cold like a spring in the river she said” My child the man has children and wife and they are family”. She show me his family and I suddenly woke up crying. I am devoted to Our Lord God Jesus and I keep on praying the rosary because I knew that it is genuine and True. I can’t imagine if at that time our heavenly Mother didn’t remind me I surely broke one of the commandments of Our God. God works always in a mysterious ways but if we hardened our hearts surely the Holy Spirit will not come to
    our aid.

  • In the Eastern Catholic liturgy the Easter antiphon states, ” Having heard the glad tidings of the resurrection the women disciples of the Lord Jesus said to the Apostles, ‘Death is no more! And Christ our God is risen!'” The Divine Liturgy is hardly theologically incorrect! Did not our Lord say that whoever believed in Him “will never die”.

  • Where is my reply/comment of yesterday? Why have you censored it?

  • Al is right. The Mother of God would never do anything that would prevent the Church authorities from being able to assess whether the apparitions are true or not. Now, with hundreds and thousands of them, it is no longer possible to complete the official investigations.
    Medjugorje spreads disobedience.

  • You can be living but still be dead inside.
    Mother brings us life through her heart.

    • Dear brothers and sisters, I have been reading to most of the messages since the beginning(1983) as the comments of people in favor and not related to Medigorje appearances and I feel very sad for our faith weakness, dear brothers and sisters our faith is not supposed to be relied on any miracles nor on any appearances of our mother nor on any other saint, it is based only on the Rock ( Jesus), I urge you all, not to go eager on proving your faith right regarding this issue as no one knows the truth we must be patient until the end of (Medigorje) and the church investigation regarding, but let me tell you guys who are not in favor what if the church approves the apparitions! What Will be your position will you quit the church or you will go on a pelerinage there?? And you guys the people who are in favor, what if the whole thing Will not be approved by the church will you stay or Will you quit the church??
      That’s the big question!!
      Concerning my opinion, we are all in the same position because in both sides we have people who Will be very disappointed….
      Sorry brothers and sisters to inform you that nothing will lead to a happy ending as we will be devided as Christians more and more.

  • You all fail to recognize the heretical and irrational statement that is here. You are ascribing meaning to the words that just are not there. The “apparition” said clearly that death no longer exists. That is a heretical and irrational statement. You can spin it to mean something else, but you can’t explain away the actual words. This is proof the apparitions are not of God, just as the last two local bishops (who have the authority to say so) have said. The fruits of these “apparitions” are heresy, disobedience, and confusion. One day this will be made clear. Until then, souls are being led astray. I pray for all of you.

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