The visionaries of Medjugorje are a heritage of humanity (Unimaginable dangers loom over them)

SOURCE Fr.Livio’s Blog

Dearest Father Livio, regarding the fact you raised recently about the fact that visionaries no longer bear witness. In a little book purchased a few years ago in Medjugorje in which there are messages from March 1, 1984, I find them beautiful, you can feel the love of the Mother who guides and accompanies. I was very pleased to read the one dated June 28, 1985:

“Dear children, today I entrust you with a message with which I wish to invite you to humility. In these days you have experienced great joy for all the people who have come and with love you have recounted your experiences. Now I invite you to continue in humility and to speak from the heart to all those who arrive. Thank you for answering my call!”

For me it has always been very useful to listen to the testimonies of the visionaries.

Camilla from Padua

Thank you father for everything!!!

Dear Camilla,

the history of Medjugorje would be incomprehensible without the six visionaries who in all these years have been the faithful witnesses of the Gospa there in Medjugorje and in many parts of the world where they have been called.

 Their testimony over such a long time, their coherence and their harmony give the apparitions of Medjugorje a credibility that no other apparition could boast.

The seers are those who see the Madonna, who all describe her in the same way, who receive her messages of the highest spiritual profile, without errors and without contradictions .

They are therefore the key people, whom Our Lady has chosen and protected from countless dangers over an incredibly long period of time.

Their presence and their testimony will be decisive in the time of the secrets that involve not only Mirjana, but each of them.

It is no wonder that the enemy’s arrows are aimed in a special way towards the six visionaries of Medjugorje. We cannot even imagine how much trouble they cause to the empire of darkness.

Yesterday I published the news that Hitler had given orders to kidnap little Adelaide Roncalli, the visionary of Ghiaie di Bonate, whom he considered dangerous due to the news she had given about the end of the war.

Unimaginable dangers weigh on the children, now of mature age, custodians of secrets concerning the Church and the world, and this explains the dark and never-abated pressures to put an end to the apparitions of Medjugorje.

This path, however, would plunge humanity to the bottom of the abyss. In any case, God will not allow it and Our Lady will fully realize her plans of salvation for the Church and the world.

For this reason we hope and pray that these people, so special and so decisive in God’s plans, can, until the end of their mission, freely and effectively bear witness to the hope of which they are the messengers.

Ave Maria

Father Livio