Signs of Secrets – ‘We Have Entered the Final Phase of Human History’

U.S. politics continue to be a chaotic subject, and a new poll finds the majority of Americans are rapidly losing faith in their country’s leaders. From the ousting of the Speaker of the House to the mounting controversies engulfing the current president and his predecessor, over seven in 10 people say there’s no one they trust to save them from an end-of-the-world event. Such problems only push the so-called “Doomsday Clock” to tick closer to end times.

Important letter to Medjugorje Expert Fr. Livio about the the Opening of the Secrets

Dearest Father Livio

I agree with you and I will explain it to you in 12 points.

First, however, I note that Noah was also told that he would have 7 days before the flood.

Then I notice that those who are taking what is happening seriously (historical facts, apparitions and messages from the Madonna, reliable mystical visions), although perhaps decreasing, are MUCH MORE NUMEROUS compared to Noah’s time and that the miracle of Radio Maria it has no equal in diffusion and action.

Here are the 12 points.

1) “We have entered The third world war in piecemeal fashion” and Pope Francis says it has been underway for some time

2) Russia’s direct entry into the war, with the invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022, is a disruptive fact, because it involves one of the nations that, in recent centuries, have been decisive in the history of the world (defeat of Napoleon ; war with Japan; establishment of the communist dictatorship; war on Poland reaching as far as Warsaw in 1920; defeat of Hitler; class-based communist exterminations especially in Ukraine; direct domination of communist Russia for over 70 years over much of Europe and the ‘Asia; spread of communism throughout the world and fratricidal massacres in Vietnam and Cambodia because of it; repressions in Hungary and Czechoslovakia; invasion of Afghanistan…etc. etc.).

3) The invasion of Ukraine has an explicit motivation that has its roots in the sacrilegious ideological/religious apparatus of the myth of the Third Rome, present and dominant in Russia for centuries, even in some way during the 70 years of atheistic communism.

4) This apocalyptic motivation is unfortunately compatible with a real, and not just threatened, use of atomic weapons by Russia.

5) This apocalyptic motivation tends to create a climate in which, as in the years from 1983 to 1985, even the slightest human (or artificial intelligence) error can trigger a chain planetary catastrophe.

6) The invasion of Ukraine is plausibly only the first of many violent acts aimed at reshaping world power, with a more or less close aggregation around Russia of the BRICS countries (in addition to Russia: Brazil, India, China and South Africa) and others that are being added.

7) Those who have started an invasion war to purify the world – and others who are coming together to change the balance of world power – are unlikely to stop due to any delay in their plans.

8) The West is unlikely to let the balance be changed without reacting with weapons.

9) However, the West does not want God and is crossed by the greatest and most pervasive apostasy in 2000 years of Christianity, accompanied by the Luciferian denial of our being limited creatures, who are born and die (a “sneeze” from the sun would be enough to send us all roasting ).

10) Our Lady in Fatima, Medjugorje and in other reliable manifestations (we exclude the profiteering “holy men”) does nothing but openly declare what the very signs of the times listed above show that we are heading towards.

11) Since 1981, Our Lady has invited us every day to pray and convert, returning to our true nature as dependent, fragile, sinful creatures.

12) The fact that he has done it in Medjugorje every day since 24 June 1981, together with the proven reliability of the visionaries, only VALUES his and our reading of the EXCEPTIONALITY of the times we are living in (it would not appear so long if the times were not so exceptional). EVERYTHING suggests that these are the times of the first great spiritual battle of the final phase of human history prophesied by the book of Genesis, by Jesus Christ, by Saint Paul and Saint John the apostles, limiting ourselves to the three of them, which is no small thing, I think.

Guido (Turin)

Dear Guido,

you have made a very lucid and interesting summary of the international situation, which converges towards the conclusion with which I fully agree and that is that we are already in the times of the final phase of history, that of the first great spiritual battle.

Ave Maria

Father Livio