Last Revelation to Father Olivera! about the 3 Days of Darkness

How to Prepare for the 3 Days of Darkness .

Have you heard about the 3 days of darkness?

It is an event that has been prophesied by saints and mystics for centuries.

And it is maintained that it would come as the final event of the purification of the Earth.

Father Oliveira, a Brazilian priest living in Rio Grande do Sul, has received prophetic revelations that include visions about this apocalyptic event.

For 16 years, the revelations he received about the 3 days of darkness were repeated, confirming their certainty. 

And when he compared them with those of Padre Pio he found surprising similarities, which is why he decided to make them public.

Here we are going to tell you the vivid revelations that Father Oliveira had about the 3 days of darkness and we will compare them with those of Padre Pio.

You will discover why this event will occur, what you should do to be prepared, what the previous signs will be, and what you should do during those 3 days when darkness will fall on Earth.

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In 2003 Father Oliveira began to dream repeatedly of the 3 days of darkness.

The same dream was repeated for 16 years once or twice a week.

Sometimes the revelation came complete, other times he remembered before it was finished.

People and places changed over time.

But everything that happened, including what he heard or said, was always the same.

He kept the dream a secret until in 2019 when he came into contact with a similar revelation attributed to Padre Pio. Shocked, he decided to expose his dream, and it was never repeated.

What was revealed to Padre Pio about the 3 days of darkness? 

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In summary, Jesus Christ told Padre Pio that the devastation will be great, but in the end God will have purified the Earth. 

He says the physical cause will be a meteorite that will fall to the earth and explode.

And that letting this pass is not a punishment resulting from God’s irritation, but rather so that humanity continues to exist.

It is an act of love so that no more human beings are lost in hell.

And when it is all over, a feeling of immense gratitude will take possession of those who survive this terrible ordeal.

He was also told that no evil will happen to those who are in a state of grace, nor to those who seek the protection of the Holy Virgin.

And that from now on we must remain united in prayer and vigilant, and pray that those days be shortened.

He said “prepare to live three days in total darkness.

Only on the night of the third day will the sun rise and it will be spring.

The sun will shine again and the angels will descend from heaven and spread the spirit of peace over the Earth .” 

Regarding how those 3 days will happen he was told,

“This catastrophe will fall on Earth like a stream of light.

In a moment the morning sunlight will be replaced by deep darkness. 

No one should leave the house or look through the window from that moment on .”

And so that we are prepared he gave the following signs and instructions, the night will be very cold. 

The wind will roar and then lightning and sparks will be heard. 

Close the doors and windows, and do not speak to anyone outside the house. 

You have to light candles, one blessed candle will be enough for many days

Kneel in front of a crucifix, repent of your sins and ask for the protection of the Holy Virgin. 

Do not look outside during the earthquake because the anger of God is Holy.

And how does Father Oliveira tell his vision about the 3 days of darkness?

He says that the revelation always began in the same way, the father was near the door of a house on the outside looking at the sky.

At a certain moment I saw the sky red, but with a different tone than what it has at dusk or dawn.

There were something similar to clouds of fire in the sky, with a color between bright red and blue.

I heard the sound of birds and saw them flying in the same direction.

The sun was close to the horizon.

The sky was darkening very quickly, like when a storm forms, and the feeling was very cold.

At this time there was always someone nearby who asked what was happening.

“It is beginning,” the priest responded, invariably in the same way.

After this, in the second part of the dream, he saw himself inside the house, he was closing the doors and windows with wooden boards, cardboard, blankets and other materials.

The objects he used at that moment also varied in each dream.

Inside the house there were several acquaintances of the father helping him close the openings, and carrying food and blankets from one place to another.

Always in this part someone questioned all this “it’s not accurate, it’s an exaggeration, they already said on television what was going to happen.”

And the father responded by ordering them to continue working.

Every time the father had the dream he looked at his reflection in the window panes, and perceived his white hair and beard despite not looking old.

And always when I was finishing closing everything, someone I knew would arrive at the last hour and they would feel great relief.

Afterwards, the atmosphere became very dark. 

The priest could not identify the faces of all those present, but there appeared to be between 20 and 30 people. 

A light turned on, always in the center. 

In the first dream, there were half a dozen large and small candles in the center of the room.

In others, a fireplace, although there were always candles in front of it, or emergency lights with candles inside.

In the third part of the dream, everyone was gathered, in the darkness, in front of a small light, with the rosary in their hands. 

Someone always said “It’s so cold!”

And the priest’s response was also always the same, “It has already begun.” 

“We better pray and be silent.”

Then the worst part of the revelation began. 

There were noises like thunder and bombs, sounds of strong winds and whistles. 

Through the few remaining cracks the flashes of these rays or explosions could be seen flickering. 

You could feel the house shaking through the floor and walls. Everyone was very scared.

The sequence was disturbing.

Screams could be heard coming from outside and a sound that was like a large crowd running through the streets. 

There were gunshots, broken objects and animal noises, such as pigs, horses and cows. 

Father Oliveira compares what he heard to the sound of hell.

At that moment, someone approached the window to spy on what was happening outside the house. 

And the priest quickly got up and said, “Stay away from the windows! Don’t look outside!”

The dream always ended the same, with the group gathered around a small light, locked in the house, while this infernal scenario unfolded outside. 

The priest, sitting on a small bench, looked at the candles and said to himself, “It is enough for us to last three days. “In three days this will happen.”

He never dreamed beyond this moment, or woke up before or at this moment.