Is the annual apparition to Mirjana on March 18th connected to the manifestation of the Antichrist?

Dearest father Livio

With the contributions of David, Monica and her, an increasingly reliable scenario is emerging, increasingly chilling and increasingly full of TRUE hope, that is, that which draws strength precisely from the certainty that “without me you can do nothing” (words of Jesus) but that at the same time “I (and my Mother) are with you until the end of the world”.

Nothing means anything: without me you cannot live, you cannot be at peace with each other, you cannot be happy, you cannot be free etc. etc.

It is a certainty that arises only from the marriage between Faith and the flaying experience of our total impotence to be happy, united, free and at peace thanks to one of the many golden calves and towers of Babel that we have built for ourselves throughout the our poor human history (humanly poor, glorious due to the action of God and his ever-present “small remnant”).

The tragedy of persecution and apostasy in the Catholic Church will occur in a time of false peace and what will kill the Pope and a large part of the hierarchical Church and the “small remnant” will be a paradoxical self-proclaimed “army of peace”, amidst the enthusiastic acclamations of the much of humanity, perverted by the false religion of the Godless world.

It will be the antiChrist who will make the decision to exterminate the Church that remained faithful to its Redeemer and its Mother.

It is not only legitimate but very reasonable to ask who the anti-Christ will be and in this I agree with Monica: it won’t be Putin.

Putin or the Russian military and religious caste will be responsible for the criminal war catastrophes (and here I do NOT agree with Monica, who thinks that the antiChrist will be the one to make the war).

Russia’s conversion to Catholicism, as unexpected as the fall of communism in 1991, will probably be the seal of the fall of the anti-Christ and of the world falsely united and at peace but without God.

The antiChrist will be able to seduce many precisely because he will present himself as a man or woman of peace, willing to use violence only against those who will be officially declared “enemies of peace”.

Among these will be the Pope, much of the Catholic hierarchy and the small remainder, who will NEVER be able to exchange false peace for the priceless treasure of Faith.

The question remains as to who the antiChrist will be.

In my opinion there are already some very recent signs but it is too early to talk about it.

Guido (Turin)

Dear Guido,

I asked myself why Our Lady in her revelation from Fatima to Medjugorje does not touch on the theme of the Antichrist, which is also a biblical theme (in particular in the two letters to the Thessalonians by Saint Paul) and is also very present in private revelations (in particular in Maria Valtorta).

The answer I gave myself is that the Madonna indicates the ultimate root of evil, Satan, the ancient serpent, whose head she will crush in this phase of the time of the Apocalypse.

However, Satan works not directly, as will happen at the end of the world, but through the two beasts (absolute human power and false religion) which will manifest themselves in their evidence in the time of secrets.

These two components of modernity will give rise to the greatest religious imposture “that of the Antichrist, that is, of a pseudo messianism in which man glorifies himself in the place of God and his Messiah who came in the flesh” (Catechism CC 675).

Now it is up to our discernment to try to identify the two figures that will emerge from this context: one representing the first beast and the other the second beast. They are the double side of a single coin: the new world without God.

In this regard we must keep in mind the teaching of Saint Paul who connects the Antichrist to the false peace, agreed between the leaders of a world that has put itself in the place of God.

It is at that moment that the greatest anti-Christ imposture will manifest itself in the eyes of the Church: the peace and prosperity of a new creation, in place of Christ and salvation through the Cross. It follows for the Church either apostasy or persecution.

This is the dramatic picture of the ten secrets that will test the faith of believers. To realize all this and not to fall into deception, it is necessary to have clear eyes and a pure heart.

It will be the small and humble who will be able to unmask the forked snake that will present itself saying: “I am your peace”, “your benefactor”, “your guide” and “your savior”

 It is a certainty that this serpent, which will enchant the world, is already alive among us. We ask for the grace to discover it.

However, the fact that the eternal Tsar and the Seer of the secrets of Medjugorje are the protagonists of this March 18th seems to me to be a message with disturbing forebodings.

Ave Maria

Father Livio