(Pray slowly, calmly…thinking about every word you say…With faith in the boundless power of the Blood of Christ by which we are redeemed)…… 

This will help you to get rid of every illness you carry, Jesus calls you to pray this prayer with faith and trust in him and you will see how the Lord heals your illness. 

In the Name of Jesus, let the Precious Blood of Christ convert me in my heart in sincere, deep faith, love, trust in you Lord...! 

With Your Precious Blood, Lord Jesus Christ, I am begging You, wash me from head to toe, inside and out! Let Your Precious Blood flow through my veins, my organs, my whole body, mind, soul, spirit…! 

(you can here, at the prompting of the Spirit, meditatively, slowly, name every part of the body, soul and spirit…or the illness and disorders you have, and which you want the Lord to heal with His Blood and feel in your spirit how the Blood of Christ cleanses you, frees you,,,, and heals you,,,,,,) 

Let Your Blood Purify me, Jesus Christ, heal me from every disease, body, mind, soul and spirit. Remove from me all negativity and everything that is not from You, Jesus! Lord Jesus Christ, make a shield around me, from your redeeming Precious Blood and all those for whom I pray. 

Jesus, with your Blood, wash and seal the air I breathe, the food I eat, the water I drink, the roads I walk, the places I stay in, the things I touch, the people I contact…! Seal in your Holy Blood my name and surname, my image wherever it is and everything related to me and those for whom I am begging you…! 

Blood of Christ, wash me (us)! 

In the Name of Jesus, I command that at this hour, every disease of body, mind, soul and spirit leave me and be removed from me, out, out… out… 

In the Name of Jesus, out out… out… out.. (by the prompting of the Spirit say how long)… Blood of Christ in the name of Jesus bless me, (us) in this day…! 

In the name of the Father Son of the Holy Spirit! 


Thank you Jesus! Glory to You Jesus! 

(give thanks for a while… and believe that the prayer has already come true)