Apparitions of the Madonna: you will enter Heaven with Three Hail Marys a day…The Mystery behind the power of the devotion to Three Hail Marys.

Source: La Lucia Di Maria

Saint Matilda of Hackeborn was born on November 19, 1298. She was a Benedictine nun, who prayed to Our Lady incessantly.

The Virgin Mary replied: “Yes, I will do what you ask of me, my daughter, but I ask you to recite Three Hail Marys every day : the first to thank the Eternal Father for making me almighty in Heaven and on earth; the second to honor the Son of God for having given me such knowledge and wisdom to surpass that of all the Saints and all the Angels; the third to honor the Holy Spirit for having made me, after God, the most merciful ”.

Apparitions of the Madonna – The spread of the Three Hail Marys

The devotion of the Three Hail Marys has spread more, in recent decades, thanks to the Capuchin John the Baptist of Blois, who said: “If this means it will seem disproportionate to you, you have to take it on God himself who granted the Virgin such power. God is the absolute master of his gifts. And the Blessed Virgin, in her power of intercession, responds generously in proportion to his immense love of Mother “.

Thus, until the Second Vatican Council, Pope Leo XIII asked all priests to recite the Three Hail Marys, together with the people, after each Holy Mass. But even Pope Pius X, to placate religious persecution in Mexico, had said: “The devotion of the Three Hail Marys will save Mexico”. 
Later, Pope John XXIII and Paul VI wanted to bless all those who propagated this cult and spoke to the world of the apparitions of the Madonna.

Many have been the saints who, over the centuries, have believed in the power of this prayer, for healings, conversions, vocations, various difficulties … such as Saint Alphonsus Maria de Liqueurs, Saint Gerard Maiella, Saint John Bosco , San Pio da Pietrelcina , San Giovanni B. de Rossi.

The prayer of the Three Hail Marys

The devotion of the Three Hail Marys can be prayed every day, morning and / or evening.Here is the Prayer:

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. 
Mary, Mother of Jesus and my Mother, defend me from the evil one in life and at the hour of death: 
For the Power that the Eternal Father has granted you, Ave, Maria … 
For the Wisdom that the Divine Son has granted you, Ave, Maria … 
For the Love that the Holy Spirit has granted you, Ave, Maria …

Antonella Sanicanti