Pilgrim Captures a “Radiant” Vicka on Video Talking to the Blessed Mother who Comes from Heaven

Watch this powerful video

Dear Father Livio,

Thank you for everything you do for us and for the courage you give us every day.

The meeting took place outdoors, on the sports field, and we took part in it under the shelter of umbrellas.

The apparition lasted 10 minutes, but what struck us most was Vicka’s radiant face and her intense conversation with Our Lady.

What will they have talked about? I wondered if Our Lady did not make allusions to the suffering of our land.

In any case, this presence of Mary in our land must be a reason for hope for us and a call to faith and to the great values ​​of life.

For your blog, I am sending you some clips of this beautiful video of the apparition, so that Vicka’s smile may be an encouragement for all of us.

Marissa of Bologna

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