Medjugorje: Our Lady reveals to us how to prepare for Lent.


During Lent, the prayer must become even more intense and the Madonna invites the faithful vigorously every year to follow her advice.

Lent - Medjugorje
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In 2015, Our Lady stressed that praying and reading the Bible during Lent is not optional, but a duty to be fulfilled.

It is the time of Lent and it is good to start preparing spiritually for one of the most important periods of the Christian year. For this reason we report to you some messages that Our Lady delivered to the visionaries of Medjugorje in 2015. Father Slavko reported them to the community with the intention of making the faithful understand the importance of prayer on the eve of the anniversary. On that occasion, in fact, Our Lady said: “Today is the day I give you the messages. But the whole parish does not accept them and does not live them. I am sad and I wish, dear children, that you listen and live my messages. Each family should pray together and read the Bible. I thank you for following my call. “

Approaching Lent: prayer is not an obligation, but a benefit for the soul.

For the first time the Madonna uses a verb of command (you must), this is because she realizes that many people have not yet listened to her constant calls and she is not interested in the messages. So, with the intent to educate the faithful, he says that prayer and reading the Bible , especially in the time of Lent, is not a council but an obligation of every member of the faithful. 

The following Thursday, the message of Our Lady was of the same tenor, but even more forceful: “Dear children, I invite you from day to day to renew the prayer in the Parish. But you don’t accept. Today I invite you for the last time: Lent has begun and you as Parish can move, out of love for my call. If you don’t do this I don’t want to give my messages anymore. The Lord has allowed this. I thank you because you have followed my call “


In this second message, Our Lady specifies that the faithful should not feel obliged to pray, that of the Blessed Virgin is a suggestion, an invitation that should be accepted because it is better for our souls.  No one should do it forcibly but only as an act of absolute love. In commenting on these words of the Queen of Peace, Father Slavko says to the faithful: “If love does not move us, what can move us? Fear? If we wait in fear, it may be too late. I believe it is better to respond to the invitation of love than to that of fear. And if we answer only out of fear, we still behave like children ”.

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