Here is a powerful message from Medjugorje from January 28, 1987, the day when, according to the visionaries, the Virgin Mary appeared extremely sad and sent this message to all her children of the world:

“My dear children! I came to you to lead you to purity of soul, and thus to God, but how did you welcome me?

At first, without faith, with fear and mistrust towards those I chose. Then most of you accepted me into your heart and started to put my motherly demands into action. But unfortunately this did not last long. Wherever I go and my Son goes with me, Satan joins me there. Without realizing it, you allowed him to take you over, to dominate you.

Our Lady of Sorrows appeared in Medjugorje and sent a ‘disturbing’ message: ‘I cry when I see what you are doing’

Someone then spoke up, Simona spoke again and shook the underground: ‘I am ready to be crucified for Him’

Sometimes you realize that some gesture of yours is not permitted by God, but you quickly suppress that feeling. Don’t give up, my children! Wipe the tears from my face that I’m shedding watching what you’re doing. Take time to get closer to God in church. Come to your Father’s house. Find time to get together as a family and beg for God’s mercy, remember your deceased, cheer them up with a mass celebration. Do not look with contempt at the poor man who begs you for a crust of bread. Don’t kick him off your full table. Help him, and God will help you too.

Maybe the blessing that the poor person gives you in thanks will be fulfilled, maybe God listens to him. You, my children, have forgotten all this. And Satan also contributed to that. Do not give up! Pray with me! Do not deceive yourself by thinking: “I am good, but the brother who is next to me is worthless”. You wouldn’t be right. I, like your mother, love you and that’s why I warn you. There are secrets here, my children! You don’t know what it is, but when you do, it will be too late! Go back to prayer! Nothing is more important than that. I would that the Lord would allow me to at least partially clarify the mysteries; but he already has too much grace to offer you. Think about how much you are giving him.

When was the last time you gave up something for the Lord?

I don’t want to scold you any further. Instead, I want to invite you once again to prayer, to fasting, to penance. If you want to receive grace from God by fasting, don’t let anyone know that you are fasting. If you want to receive grace from God by giving a gift to the poor, let no one know it except you and the Lord. Listen to me, my children, and prayerfully think about these calls of mine!”