The beautiful prayer by Padre Pio to the Virgin Mary!….Offers a “shortcut” to Heaven.”.A sea through which the shores of eternal splendor are reached”

Is there a shortcut to Heaven ?, Yes, it is Our Lady. This was the reply of Padre Pio, who then continued in dialogue: It is the sea through which the shores of eternal splendors are reached. I would like to have such a strong voice to invite sinners from all over the world to love Our Lady. Love the Madonna and make her love.Always pray the Rosary This prayer is our faith, the support of our hope, the explosion of our charity. Mary is the whole reason of my hope “.

The contemplation of Mary is a constant element of the prayer of Padre Pio. In the Virgin Mother he recognizes the refuge of sinners.

Padre Pio prayer to the Madonna

Here is his prayer to Mary.

My mind in thinking 
with the innumerable benefits, 
what did this dear mother do to me, 
I am ashamed of myself, 
not having looked 
never enough with love 
her heart and her hand, 
who shared them with so much goodness.

How many times have I confided to this Mother 
the painful anxieties of my agitated heart! 
And how many times he consoled me! 
But what was my gratitude? …


In the greatest afflictions 
I seem to have no mother on earth, 
but to have a very pitiful sky.

But how many times my heart was calm, 
everything almost forgot; 
I even forgot the duty of gratitude 
towards this blessed heavenly mother!

I would like to have a strong voice 
to invite sinners from all over the world 
to love Our Lady (EI, 276s).