March 2, 2019 Medjugorje Special Message to Mirjana…”Apostles of my love. I am showing you my Son who is the true peace and the true love.”

“Dear children, I call you the apostles of my love. I am showing you my Son who is the true peace and the true love. As a mother, through the mercy of God, I desire to lead you to Him. My children, this is why I am calling you to reflect on yourselves, starting out from my Son, that you look to Him with the heart and that you may see with the heart where you are and where your life is going. My children, I am calling you to comprehend that it is, thanks to my Son, that you live – through His love and sacrifice. You are asking of my Son to be merciful to you and I am calling you to mercy. You are asking of Him to be good to you and to forgive you, and for how long am I imploring you, my children, to forgive and to love all the people whom you meet? When you comprehend my words with the heart, you will comprehend and come to know the true love and you will be able to be apostles of that love, my apostles, my dear children. Thank you.”

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  • Since Mary’s apparitions at Fatima and was successful in bringing down communism in eastern Europe and Russia, she continues to appear in the world. She continues to stress improving our relationship with God. Our Lady continues to build prayer armies against Satan.

    In the early 1960s, Mary, Mother of Jesus appears to four young (11 and 12 years) girls at a place called Garabandal, in northern Spain and announces a Warning is coming to the world. She relates one other secret that will take place. She relates a third secret as well but it is conditional and does not have to happen at that time. The Warning will be: “Like a punishment, for the just and the wicked alike. For the just, to bring them closer to God and for the wicked, to announce to them, that time is running out…”

    In 1981, Mary, Mother of Jesus, visits six young teenagers (1 preteen) at Medjugorje, Bosnia Herzgovina, and announces a Warning is coming but now claims 10 secrets or events are going to unfold without a doubt. The first event: “It is a Warning. It has to be seen… this has to shake us up, so the world will start thinking… but to prove there is a God… the first Warning will be self-explanatory.

    Since 1987, Mary, Mother of Jesus appears to Pedro Regis in Anguera, Brazil and explains a Warning is coming with more details. “The Calvary of humanity will begin on a Friday, but the victory of God will come afterwards…” “The day is coming when mankind will have a great chance to repent. God will show a great sign and mankind will have no explanation.”

    Jesus declared, the gates of hell shall not prevail against his Church. He also said, he would send the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has given much prophetic revelation to the Church. During the time of St. Malachy, the pope of that time did not believe that the Church would continue because of the difficulties of that time. Yet, St. Malachy was given visions of all the Popes that would continue for centuries. Interestingly, this pope is the last on the list. St. Malachy states: “In extreme persecution, the seat of the Holy Roman Church, will be occupied by ‘Peter the Roman’, who will feed the sheep through many tribulations, at the term of which the city of seven-hills (Rome) will be destroyed and the formidable Judge will judge the people. The End.” Is this Pope Francis? It seems so. A judgment will take place in the 2030s but is not the end.

    We live in a spiritual storm that is growing with intensity. We are in a battle. Pope John Paul II had visions of the future, while convalescing after an attempt on his life and was aware of a great storm on the horizon: “Precisely at the end of the second millennium, there accumulates on the horizon of all mankind enormously threatening clouds, and darkness falls upon mankind.” An awakening is coming!! Pope John Paul talked about the Lamb (Jesus Christ), who is the only one able to open up the seven seals: “That scroll contains the whole series of divine decrees that must be accomplished in human history to make perfect justice prevail. If the scroll remains sealed, these decrees can be neither known nor implemented, and wickedness will continue to spread and oppress believers. Hence, the need for authoritative intervention: it would be made by the slain and risen Lamb…to take the scroll and to open its seals.”

    According to Catholic prophecies, this 5th Church age is “coming to a close”, after 10 events unfold that Mary, Mother of Jesus has predicted at some major apparition sites throughout the world. This information also comes from canonized saint’s prophecies. A 6th Church age of peace will come, the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart and there will be more Popes. There is a 7th Church age as well.
    A book and web site called, After The Warning To 2038, has prophecies from credible sources that are predicting these kinds of events.

  • Hello. I want to contact Mirjana. I have somebody ill. Can you give me please a phone number or email adress of her. Thanks in advance

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