My Close Encounter with Visionary Jacov in Medjugorje. Jacov asks: “Do I do enough?.. because I understand the special gift of seeing Our Lady”

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On November 2, 2O17  I was lucky enough to hear Jacov give a special talk inside the  Hall of St. John Paul II in Medjugorje .

I sat in a room with over five hundred pilgrims, but I had arrived early and I had a good seat.

Jacov was there to support the rehab center Cenacolo’s and to bring attention to his new ministry “Mary’s Hands”

The evening entertainment was a music show but before the concert started, Jacov gave a short talk. The talk was brief  but each word had a special power and truth.

He began with a big smile and said of course he is joyful because he has seen Our Lady. But he encouraged all of us as Christians to feel joy as well and he said Medjugorje  is a joyful place, a happy place.

Jacov then spoke about how Our Lady wants to teach us the way to salvation. He says the beauty of Medjugorje is the beauty of the heart and that it is beautiful to be God’s children. He says our Lords embraces us.

He asks pilgrims to learn the true meaning of life on Cross Mountain. He said “If only those rocks could speak how many tears on those rocks.”

He urges us that everyday when we wake up that we walk towards being a saint. But we must have a pure heart. Medjugorje cannot be understood without a pure heart.  “set yourself free from sin. There is nothing more beautiful than when our heart is free.”

Jacov said that Medjugorje not known for the visionaries but for the conversions and fruits.

He reminded us that we have a great responsibility to become apostles of the world. He said to become an apostle through our example. “We should be an example so that people can see Medjugorje in us  and that they can see Jesus in us.  This is the most important. thing”

Jacov then talk about his personal responsibilities. He said: “I understand the special gift I have received. The joy of seeing Our Lady. Our Lady was my mother in my heart. but with this gift I ask myself all the time,   ‘do I do enough’? Our Lady says Pray and you will get what you want. Put everything in the Lord’s hands and live a Christian life. If Medjugorje has given a lot, therefore we must give back a lot. “

Jacov ended his talk be urging everybody in the room to “Recognize Jesus in every person we meet.”