Medjugorje Today June 5, 2021 – (with new video) Mirjana: “They have no idea what awaits them…You can not imagine what will happen” Be ready for what is coming

The Medjugorje visionaries have often said they do not like to talk about the secrets but from time to time small hints about the consequences have been revealed.

These revelations help many understand that Satan exists and that he is active. Our Lady emphasizes the importance of contemplating the existence of the after-life because our destinies will be in Heaven, hell or purgatory.

The consequences of the secrets also help many focus on what Our Lady desires most and that is prayer, prayer from the heart that leads to personal conversion. She wants to lead all of her children to paradise so that we can live for eternity with our creator.

Our Lady said on April 25, 1983 to the visionaries: “Let it be known to all my children. I only ask for a conversion. No pain, no suffering is too much for me, just to help save you and lead you to my son. I only beg you to convert yourselves.

I will pray to my Son Jesus not to punish the world, but I beg you, be converted. You can not imagine what will happen, nor what God the Father will send to the world. For this I repeat, convert. Give up everything. Do penance. Here, here is all I want to tell you: convert! I offer my thanks to all my children who have prayed and fasted. I present everything to my divine Son to obtain that He mitigates his justice against sinful humanity.

Mirjana has said that the tenth secret, the most serious can not be reduced under any circumstances. Others can be reduced, through prayer and fasting.

In one of the earlier messages on July 21, 1982, the Virgin Mary said: You have forgotten that with prayer and fasting , wars can be stopped and even the natural laws suspended.

It all depends on individual conversion. Each individual is important but also, Our Lady says, this must develop on a global scale. Our Lady says: “The only word I wish to say to the world is this: conversion, conversion.”


The Virgin Mary begs everyone to make good use of this time which, on many occasions, has been defined as “a time of grace”. Our Lady says: Return to prayer. Nothing is more important than prayer which leads to conversion.

In another message dated January 28, 1987, Our Lady said:  “There has never been an era like this, never before has God been respected less and dishonoured more than now, never before have so few prayed. Everything seems to be more important than God. That’s why I cry so much”

Mirjana said in an October 1985 interview. “The number of unbelievers is getting bigger and bigger. In their commitment to a better life, God himself is superfluous and unnecessary. This is why I feel deeply sorry for them and for the world.

They have no idea what awaits them. “Our Lady said that all people should prepare spiritually, be ready, be reconciled in their soul.

They should be ready for the worst, as if they were to die tomorrow. They should accept God now so they will not be afraid. They should accept God fully in their heart. Nobody agrees to die easily, but they can be at peace in their souls if they are believers. If they engage in God, He always accepts them.

Mirjana confirmed all this by saying: :While the last secrets will be dramatic, moreover, the Virgin Mary has also prophesied that a new and better world will be born of secrets.

The Virgin Mary announced at Fatima the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart. Because of this a new way of life on earth will crown her apparitions in what she foretold will be an era of peace.

Peace, Peace and only Peace. Amen. Amen. Ave Maria.