First a rose petals brought from Medjugorje then a miracle happens and the little one starts walking!

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The Gospa in Galilee! In the small village of Abeline where Saint Maryam of Bethlehem was born, the Hahouad family complained. Their 3-year-old daughter, Eleonora, born handicapped, was condemned never to walk. A month ago, an Israeli and Catholic friend went to visit this very experienced family. Seeing the baby, she had the idea to give her some rose petals that she had brought with her from Medjugorje and that had been blessed by the Virgin during an apparition.

The Gospa blesses the religious objects presented to her, rosaries, icons, crucifixes, medals, but also the rose petals. Pilgrims take them home and give them to those who can not go to Medjugorje, especially to the sick, as a sign that the Virgin reaches them with her blessing of Mother. Through these simple signs received in faith and prayer, Mary Most Holy does what she wants to the person who suffers and gives the graces she deems necessary.
Moved by compassion before the little Eleonora, our friend begins to hope for the impossible. Explain to the family the origin of these petals and leave them to them after having prayed with them. In the evening, the grandmother says to her mother: “Have you put the petals on your daughter’s legs?”, “No, the mother answers!”, “What are you waiting for?” The mother lays the petals on her daughter’s inert legs and afterwards having prayed many Hail Mary, she goes to sleep but cries all night, because of the heavy pain she feels. The following morning, his father, a simple construction worker, asked his wife: “Why do not you go and see if Our Lady did something for Eleonora?”. The mother goes to her daughter and tries to put her on her feet, but – surprise – the little girl gets up by herself, and here she is at home on her two feet and starts walking in front of everyone! He goes out in the yard and goes around it several times, amazed at being able to finally walk! Since then Eleonora walks always better and the whole family blesses God for the miracle. Medical documents attest to an inexplicable healing for science. The Gospa of Medjugorje visited that anguished family. How not to exult with joy!

The first steps of Eleonora were filmed for a minute:

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