79 year-old Priest pilots own plane – Flies over Quarentined red zone near Venice to bless the inhabitants attacked by coronavirus.

Source La Luce di Maria

Don Regolani, 79 year old parish priest of Polesine Zibello, flew over the troubled  area of ​​Lodigiano to bless the inhabitants from the sky after mass was forced to be cancelled because of the Coronavirus.

The inhabitants of the area of ​​Lodi and Venice are experiencing difficult times due to the outbreak of the virus.

In fact, due to the coronavirus, the two areas have been quarantined and the inhabitants find themselves forced to live in a surreal condition . The military limits travel to the area to prevent someone from leaving. The public activities are interrupted to avoid the spread of the infection.

Last Sunday the parish priest of Castiglione D’Adda, Don Gabriele, sent an audio with the homily delivered that day in a deserted church to Don regolani. The parish priest of Polesine Zibello listened to that message of help and went to the airport to take off and fly over the town of Lodi.

Interviewed by the ‘Corriere della Sera’, the priest explained: “ I have given the blessing from heaven to those who are in difficulty at the moment . When we are afraid, all of us look at the sky, so I thought of calling the parish priest of Castiglione d’Adda and telling him that if they had looked up at such a time, they would have found me there, a little closer to them “.

The passion for flying of Fr. Don Regolani

A passion for flying that Tr. Don Regolani was cultivated when he was a child. At the time, getting on a plane was a luxury,  even for a passenger, let alone imagine becoming a pilot. Over the years, however, that passion for aircrafts and flight has not changed and one day he decided to turn it into a hobby. It all started when he returned from Venezuela: “Then, after a five-year mission to Venezuela in 1977, when it was still possible to enter the cockpit, I decided to throw myself: twelve years ago I took my pilots license  and now I am sharing a plane with three friends “.

Luca Scapatello