In late October 2022, Catholic visionary, Valentina Papagna, received a powerful message from the Virgin Mary. 

In the message Our lady revealed that soon, from the sacred village of Medjugorje, a Golden Light will descend upon the whole world.

Valentina posted the following message about her encounter with the Queen of peace,

Today during the Cenacle Rosary Prayers, Our Lady  said, “Do you know that it is so very  bad in the world now? There is so much evil and darkness. The devil tries to destroy everything in this world that is good, such as prayer groups, 

but in this church, I am guarding you and protecting you. You are very much in my garden, so the devil cannot destroy it. Evil will not touch you.”

Valentina then said: It is through Our Lady’s  protection that this prayer group has been going on for many years, which is beautiful.

Our Holy  Mother wants us to know  that we should pray for Medjugorje. She said, “Accept with love. It is from my Son and me because we want you to pray for Medjugorje. The Holy Spirit will descend soon, through Medjugorje to the world.”

Vaentina then said  “I saw the golden Light coming down from Heaven, which will descend through Medjugorje and then to the  world.

It is always the Blessed Mother who leads us. This is her prayer group.

Thank you, Blessed Mother, for your love and protection.

About the visionary Valentina Papagana

Valentina Papagna migrated to Sydney, Australia in 1955 from Slovenia after experiencing difficult times in her early years.

In 1988 two years after the sudden death of her husband, Valentina began to receive visions and messages from our Lord Jesus and Mary, our Blessed  Mother. From this time on her life changed from being an average Catholic to one more devout.

Valentina is a Roman Catholic in good standing, who has the full support of her Spiritual director and parish priest, Father Valerian Jenko.