Interview with Lucifer: “The Catholic Church is under attack!… The powers of darkness are unleashed against the Bride” Demon tells exorcist

From Antonella 

SOURCE LA LUCE DI MARIA Translated by Google from Italian

We report a very special dialogue between a priest and an evil spirit during an exorcism.

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The words expressed by the devil are very strong, obviously aimed at counteracting the strength of the Church and of God and of the priests. We report them, stressing that they are not dogmatic material.

Exorcist: In the Name of the Immaculate Virgin Mary , I command you to tell the truth about what is happening to the Church of Christ.

Lucifer: “No, that one doesn’t! The mere feeling of pronouncing her Name is an infinite torment. I don’t want to talk about her, but the High Lady forces me to answer you, lousy priest! The Catholic Church is under attack! The powers of darkness are unleashed against the Bride of what we have hung on the cross. It is the last assault we are bringing to his Church. The resignation of the Pope, taken in full freedom and conscience, paves the way for our last frontal attack.

Lucifer: Jesus will return to Earth

The one up there is about to return to earth, I don’t know where or when, but I feel that that day is very, very, very close. My own strengths are fading more and more, so I have to concentrate and recover all my energy to channel my billions of demons against the Apostolic See.

Corruption is not enough, greed for money is not enough, it is not enough to arouse scandals, a battle must be waged that has the final outcome of the destruction of the Church of Rome.

Exorcist: In the Name of Christ, tell me what you want to do against the sweet Bride of God.

Lucifer: For the past two thousand years, we fallen angels, with the help of churchmen and tyrannical politicians, have been trying to mortally hit that terrible invention of the Nazarene. Unfortunately, we have not yet succeeded, because it belongs to the Almighty.

“We must come to occupy the Vicar’s throne”

All our efforts are vain, because the gates of Hell , like that Crucifix said, will not prevail. But we don’t give up. We will continue to hit her, to hurt her, to make her bleed, also thanks to those who, from within her, have consigned themselves into our hands. We must come to occupy the throne of the Vicar of the one nailed to the cross. Good or bad.Whatever it takes.

We are working to depopulate the seminars, to shut down the Convents, but we can’t get those women and men, shut up behind a grate, to stop praying. Still there are young people who dedicate themselves to prayer, in the silence of those monasteries. Cursed!How bad are those lives given to the Most High! (keep it going).

Antonella Sanicanti