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The following message was allegedly given by Our Lady to an anonymous locutionist on February 22nd, 2021 on the miracle image (photo) of, “Our Lady of the Tear of Joy.”  This message has been approved to be posted by the spiritual director of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy.
Message: “My precious little ones, you await the soon arrival of spring, the warmth of the day being upon you.  My little ones, let Me bring warmth to your hearts now, each time you call upon Me.  Let Me lead you to the warmth of the love My Son and I have for you.  Call upon Me, My precious little ones and allow Me, your Heavenly Mother to lead you to the warmth of Our Love.  I love you My precious little ones and I Bless you in My Son’s name” 

The amazing story of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy

My name is Arrow Osborne and this is the true story of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy and how this miracle image of Our Blessed Mother came about, and is now known around the world.  Since 1993, I have traveled to many apparition sites in the U.S and Medjugorje.  In August of 2017 there was a visionary from the Philippines and he has a healing ministry using rose petals.  He was going around to different parishes in the greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area and I was going to all of these most beautiful events.  On Saturday September 2nd, while at St. Patrick church in northern Kentucky, and man by the name of Neil who is very close to this visionary, came up to me and said, “What are you doing next Friday?”  (which was the Friday of September 8th, the day we celebrate Our Blessed Mother’s birthday).  Neil said there is a very Holy woman who lives in the Cincinnati area and she celebrates Our Blessed Mother’s birthday every year.  This visionary from the Philippines also comes, as well as very large group of people from all over and I was being invited.

I arrived at home on September 8th, 2017 and when I walked into the home, there were several statues of Our Lord Jesus and Our Blessed Mother and they were covered in gold dust and one of them would actually pulsate gold dust onto you if you stood near it.  I looked up towards the ceiling in the living room and I saw several large blue and white helium balloons all tied together in the perfect shape of a rosary.  The blue balloons representing the Our Father prayer and white for the Hail Mary prayer.  On a table was small pieces of paper with a string attached to them, and you would write out your petition to Our Blessed Mother and then the petition was tied to one of the balloons.

I then walked to the back yard and they had large tents set up and chairs for everyone.  The visionary arrived, as well as 5 Priests and some were from other countries, with one of these most holy priest came from a parish just outside of Rome Italy to be part of this most blessed event.  There had to be 200 plus people invited to this blessed event, with some coming from all over the U.S and Canada.  There was Holy Mass said and then the visionary did his healing service using the rose petals.  Afterwards, everybody was told to go to the front yard and they were going to release the balloons in the air.  Everybody gathered in the front yard and they were holding the balloons and when they released them, everybody started singing “Happy Birthday” to Our Blessed Mother.  I was standing in the front yard facing the street with my back towards the house.

As the balloons were going up, the sun started to spin and some people were saying, “Look at the Sun!!”  Then innerly I clearly heard, “Turn around” and as I did, I saw Neil (the one who invited me to the party), he was in the up stairs window of the house and was literally hanging out of the window taking pictures of the balloons going up.  I went in the house, went up the stairs and walked in the bedroom where Neil was.  He was hanging out of the window and was taking pictures of the balloons going up using a instamatic camera.

He just took a picture, turned around and gave me one of the pictures saying, “This is yours.”  I watched the image appear of Our Blessed Mother’s face, and there was no doubt who She was when I saw Her face appear in the photo.  There were NO images or photos of Our Blessed Mother on any of the balloons, nor trees, nor anywhere.

I took the image home and placed Her in an envelope so She would not get scratched or damaged.  Approximately two weeks later, I went to a prayer group in Windsor Canada, and it was here that evening that Our Lady gave Her first message.  In Her first message, Our Lady said, “This image of My tear is a Tear of Joy” (hence Tear of Joy), for all those who were present at the birthday party held in Her honor that September 8th day.  And the days that followed, Our Lady kept repeating the same message that it gives Her Joy, “Tears of Joy” when we pray to Her and we heal Her heart we when pray to Her and that She wants Her image known as “Our Lady of the Tear of Joy.”  Our Lady said, “Any copies made of My image must be Blessed by one of My Son’s priests and it will be a healing image”, meaning a Blessed copy placed upon somebody, will bring a physical healing (if it is Her Son’s Will) and spiritual conversion to anybody having Her image.

Over the course of the days that followed, I knew this beautiful image of Our Lady had to be under the direction of a Catholic Priest.  I prayed and prayed to Our Blessed Mother to guide me.  I was praying for 1 of 3 priests whom I knew, had special gifts and graces.  Everything in my path came back to a very Holy Priest, whom I knew had special gifts and graces.  He is known nationally, been on Catholic TV and radio and is the author of several books.  In fact, he prayed over me in October of 2013 and healed me of a condition I had for several years.  He does not want his name posted on Our Lady’s website, because he knows it is not about him, nor myself, but about Our Lady.  I met with him and he had heard about the image of Our Lady and everything that was occurring.  He prayed at his desk, lowering his head down for a long period of time and I knew he was praying for discernment about this mission.  He raised his head up and said to me, “I will be the spiritual director for this mission and your spiritual director.

I was having copies made of Our Lady’s image, having them Blessed and mailing them off to different people and prayer groups around the U.S. and Canada.  Then it was getting back to me that Our Lady was giving messages to other visionaries/locutionists who had a Blessed image of Our Lady and they are under the spiritual direction of a Catholic priest.  The messages Our Lady was giving is, “When they look at My image (photo), they are to recite the Memorare prayer and when they do, they are fleeing to Me, causing Me Joy (hence Tears of Joy), and I will heal and intercede for them and lead them to My Son.”  Then taking Our Lady’s original image to other prayer groups, the actual image was coming alive to some people who held Her while they were saying the holy rosary, and others could feel the very strong presence of Our Lady has they held the original image.

Then over the course of a few weeks, I was being contacted by people who had a blessed copy of Our Lady’s image and a person was being healed of an illness or somebody had a deep spiritual conversion when they held Our Lady’s image.  Then Our Lady was giving messages that She wants Her image (photo), “Known to all”,  meaning around the world and the messages Our Lady was giving about Her image.  The website of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy ( was created by two very devote Catholic men, Ken Watterson and Steve Grier and it was up and running by October of 2017.  By February of 2018, we had people from other countries all around the world logging onto the website of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy and what’s amazing about this, we did NO advertising.  All of this is at the hands of Our Lady, getting Her image “Known to all.”

Please go to the top icon choices of “The Message” and “Testaments” and read the messages Our Lady is giving about Her image and the miracles that have occurred with somebody having an image of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy.  We have it set up to fulfill Our Lady’s request saying that She wants Her image “Known to all”, meaning around the world.  So, if you live in a part of the world where you cannot get mail or it is very difficult to receive mail, go to the icon choice of “Order the Image” and scroll down to the bottom of the page and if you have a printer, you will see instructions to “Download the Image.”  Our Blessed Mother has said that any copies made of Her image, “Must be Blessed by one of My Son’s priests.”  Our Blessed Mother has also said, that if you live in an area of the world where there is no priests or you live in fear of being persecuted, the image you have of Her, will have the same Blessings as being Blessed, Our Lady knows your heart.  If anybody has a physical healing or a spiritual conversion with having the image of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy, please email me the story at:  God Bless to all, Arrow >>>——–>

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