Medjugorje March 4, 2021 Our Lady says “Wake up from the tired sleep of your soul and say to God with all your strength, Yes! ” Friar Ljubo – Before You Give Up This Life Advice Will Change Your Future

“Dear children, I also invite you today to open yourselves to prayer. Little children, you live in a time in which God gives you great graces, but you do not know how to use them. You worry about everything else, and the soul and the spiritual life the least. Wake up from the tired sleep of your soul and say to God with all your strength, Yes. Make up your mind for conversion and holiness. I am with you, children, and I invite you to the perfection of your soul and of everything you do. Thank you for having responded to my call. “

Reflection by Friar Ljubo Kurtovic

Our heavenly Mother, Queen of Peace, never ceases to speak to us. Also this month she gave us the message to encourage us on the path of life. In the many previous messages, Our Lady called us to attention by telling us that we are in “a time of grace”.

The “time of grace” is a privileged time in which the gifts of God can be received more easily. With Her apparitions, Our Lady also made Medjugorje a place of grace.

Many have affirmed this, because they had a heart available and open to God’s action. Personally I experienced this in the confessional an easier openness of heart and a willingness to reconcile with God. 

Many told me that something in the depths of their souls prompted them to come to Medjugorje to confess. I have experienced many graces, many healings, especially spiritual ones. When man loses all support, money, honor, health, human love, work, then only the only support remains: God, in whom man can feel completely safe.

The loss of human security, which man desperately seeks on this earth, can be a gift, a grace, an invitation.

All other securities are temporary. When a man experiences a disappointment in love, in work, in his family, disappointment in his wife or husband, disappointment in his children, all this can be an opportunity and a gift; but it can also be total destruction.

If in these terrible situations man knows how to cry out to His God, look for Him by praying, reading the Bible despite the fact that he does not understand so much with his brain but with his heart, if he knows how to believe, to hope against all hope, like Abraham, only then does he give himself to God. 

Medjugorje. Here is how to entrust your life to the Lord in the bad moments of life

When God becomes our Lord, we say to Him: “ God, in You, you are my peace and my life, despite everything that happens to me on this earth. You are stronger than everything, You are Almighty. I put You first in my life, because You are more important. I don’t know what’s good for me, only You know. Although I do not understand everything that happens to me, I know that You know well and that You guide everything. “

Our heavenly Mother knows well how easily we attach ourselves to things, to what we like, to what attracts our eyes. As the fruit of the tree of Eden attracted Adam and Eve, so too did sin. Every sin is attractive and pleasant; so at least it seems to us. While God at first glance is not that attractive.

But there is a difference : the decision for God leads us to life, the decision for sin leads us to death. We have forgotten the soul that cries out in us; it must be nourished with the sacraments and prayer. The signs that our soul sends us are: anger, lies, different attachments to things, impatience, little love for people, for the family, for their children, for the elderly. All of this is a sign that our soul is hungry. Our Lady shows us the way; it tells us what can satisfy our soul and our life.

We thank You, O Madonna , and we wish to set out with You again, despite the fact that we experience our weariness, our weaknesses.