New Message from Jesus to Visionary Valeria – The World Deserves Punishment

“Victorious Jesus” to Valeria Copponi on July 7th, 2021:

My daughter, it is I, Jesus, the Victorious One; let man not dare to destroy what I and My Father have given to the whole world with such love. I consider the things that I have given you to be precious. I allow what I have created from nothing to be discovered; but let man not discard or demolish things and people as he pleases. You have begun to destroy instead of building, and this will soon lead you to your eternal end.

My children, you who are my little remnant, continue with your prayers, especially for your brothers and sisters who are offending God without even knowing Him. Pray for all sinners that they would allow me to enter into their hearts so that they might be healed of the world’s evil. Pray for children who only receive bad examples, often from their parents. Pray for young people, in whose heads only bad thoughts are circulating, and who use their bodies to commit acts of impurity. My little children, you deserve unbearable punishment, but I will certainly not be the one to inflict it on you: you are destroying yourselves with your own hands. My children, give testimony; demonstrate with your actions that you are truly children of a loving, merciful God. I am near to you and I lead you; do not take the wrong road at this time of hard testing, otherwise it could be too late for a complete conversion. I love you, and My Mother guides you as only She knows how and can do.

I bless you in the Name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Why Valeria Copponi from Count Down to Kingdom

Valeria’s Copponi’s story of receiving locutions from heaven started when she was in Lourdes accompanying her military husband on pilgrimage. There she heard a voice that she identified as her guardian angel, telling her to get up. He then presented her to Our Lady, who said, “You will be my cenacle”—a term she only understood years later when a priest used it in the context of the prayer group she started in home city of Rome, Italy. These meetings, at which Valeria delivered her messages, were first held twice monthly on Wednesdays, then weekly at the request of Jesus, whom she says that she saw at the church of Sant’Ignazio in connection with a meeting with the American Jesuit, Fr. Robert Faricy. Valeria’s calling has been confirmed by various supernatural healings, including one from multiple sclerosis, which also involved the miraculous water at Collevalenza, the ‘Italian Lourdes’ and home to the Spanish nun, Mother Speranza di Gesù (1893-1983), currently up for beatification.

It was Fr. Gabriele Amorth who encouraged Valeria to diffuse her messages outside the prayer cenacle. The attitude of the clergy is predictably mixed: some priests are skeptical, while others participate fully in the cenacle.

The following is from Valeria Copponi’s own words, as they are stated on her website and translated from the Italian: Another English translation can be found at her English site here:

“I am an instrument Jesus uses to make us taste his Word for our times. While I am not worthy of this, I accept with great fear and responsibility this great gift, handing myself over totally to His Divine Will. This extraordinary charism is called “locutions.” This involves interior words that come, not from the mind in the form of thoughts, but from the heart, as if a voice “spoke” them from within.

When I begin to write (let us say, under dictation), I am not aware of the sense of the whole. Only at the end, when rereading, do I understand the meaning of the entirety of the words “dictated” to me more or less quickly in a theological language that I do not understand. Initially, the thing at which I marveled the most was this “clean” writing without deletions or corrections, more perfect and more exact than an ordinary dictation, without any fatigue on my part; all comes out smoothly. But we know that the Spirit blows where and when He wills, and so with great humility and acknowledging that without Him we can do nothing, we dispose ourselves to listen to the Word, Who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”