Amazing Video of Miracle of the Sun at Medjugorje

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A Long Island Couple filmed this remarkable sequence of the sun at Medjugorje June 25, 2006, the 25th anniversary of the Marian apparitions (June 25, 1981). These images are historically similar to what was seen at Fatima in 1917 and viewed by 70,000

Many buy ativan online us times the camera will capture light images the human eye cannot perceive until the recording media is processed. Note the shadows, use sunglasses, hats by visitors, and the viginetting of light in the camera lenses of what it is recording

3 thoughts on “Amazing Video of Miracle of the Sun at Medjugorje

  • The Miracle of the Sun ☀️ follows you everywhere. Go look. Wherever you live! Put on sunglasses ? I saw the Miracle at Medjugorje the whole time I was there in 1990. I came home to the U.S.A. and I could still see it & I still see it to this day in 2017. I did notice that is was a harsher experience here in the States than at Medjugorje. So I wear sunglasses to look. I found out I could show the Miracle to anyone and they could see it as well. Look in your rearview mirror at it! It’s there. For everybody. Everywhere. Because no one is “special”, everyone is blessed!

  • When I was in Medjugorje in Autumn of 2014 I was able to look at the sun and see it spinning in different directions as well as changing colors. Love the peace there. Mary is special to me, especially since I was born on one of her feast days.

  • Basically what’s happening is that when you point the camera directly into the sun, the sheer huge intensity of the light directly on the sun is overwhelming the little chip inside the camera that’s responsible for taking the picture. What the camera does is pretty much turn off those parts of the sensor that are receiving the overwhelming light in order to not be damaged. The result of this is what you see – a black dot.

    If it didn’t do this, pointing the camera at the sun would cause a permanant mark on the sensor that would come up on every photograph from then on.

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