March 18, 2020 message: The overlooked but fascinating words from Our Lady about “Time” – “My Son, like God, has always looked beyond time. Like His Mother, through him, I see in time….I see beautiful and sad things…” The meaning revealed.

“I see beautiful and sad things, but I see that there is still love and that love must be met”.

“My Son, like God, has always looked beyond time. Like His Mother, through him, I see in time “. 

This message will remain in the history of the apparitions of the Queen of Peace in Medjugorje, not only for the extraordinary words dictated to the visionary Mirjana but also because the Virgin has communicated that, after 37 years, she will no longer speak to her on the 2nd of the month. It was in 1987, in fact, that the visionary saw herself renewing this appointment which was immediately a motorbike of a temporary nature.

The full message March 18, 2020

“Dear children,

My Son as God has always looked beyond time. I, as his mother, see through him through his time. I see beautiful things and bad things . But I see that there is love and it must be made sure that it is made manifest. My children, you cannot be happy if you do not love one another, if you do not have love in every situation and in every moment of your life. And I as a mother come to you through love.

To help you know true love, to know my Son. This is why I call you to continually renew your thirst for love, faith and hope. The only source from which you can quench your thirst is trust in God, my Son. My children in times of anxiety and renunciation, it is enough that you seek the face of my Son .

Live his words and don’t be afraid. Pray and love with sincere feelings, with good deeds and help that the world changes and my heart triumphs. Like my Son, I also tell you to love one another , because without love there is no salvation. I thank you my children  .


Medjugorje: commentary on the message of March 18, 2020

Let’s reread the text of the message that we dare to call wonderful. Jesus, as a true man and true God, has the ability to look beyond time and space which are borders that do not exist for him. “Like His Mother, through him, I see over time . I see beautiful and sad things. “

Even with the eyes of her son Maria is able to see beyond time, and knows what awaits us for better or for worse, but above all that in the world there is so much love to give and to receive. ” My children, you cannot be happy if you don’t love yourself , if you don’t have love in every situation and in every moment of your life”. Our Lady shows us the path of happiness, the only way forward: that of love. Love is the engine that carries on the world and sustains it without, there is no future or hope and true love is in Christ Jesus his son.

The message speaks of a time of confusion and renunciations , and it does not take long to connect it to the dark times we are experiencing. Our Lady reminds us that the only way to salvation is to seek the face of the Lord, the source from which we can drink and draw strength by immersing ourselves in trust in God. “Live His words and do not be afraid. Pray and love with honest feelings. “

The Virgin, from Medjugorje, calls us not only to listen to the word of God but to live it, praying with a right intention and with honest feelings. Reminds us to always walk with Jesus and not be afraid because if He is for us who will be against us?

Medjugorje Mirjana
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This is the true message of hope: ” do not be afraid because I am with you”. As always the Virgin at the end of the message thanks us for a gesture of delicacy and love that always moves us, She the Mother of God who thanks us.

The editorial staff La Luci Di Maria