Medjugorje Apparitions & Prophecies, 10 secrets, visible sign and the Final Battle – Powerful Video

Medjugorje is a small village in Bosnia Herzegovina. Former Yugoslavia. Since 1981 there have been reports of 6 visionaries who claim to see the Blessed Virgin Mary on a daily basis to this very day. In this time she has given 10 secrets which contain prophetic messages of events that will occur on earth. One of these secrets was allowed to be revealed several years ago. The seventh secret, which was about a visible, indestructible sign which will be given by God himself. It will serve as proof of the apparitions, his existence and will bring more people than ever back to him. The other secrets concern times of grace but some also contain information about Chastisements on earth. They cannot be stopped, but the severity can be lessened through prayer, fasting and conversion to God. This is Why Our lady continues to appear each day. She gives messages of hope and instruction on how to best live our lives and how to prepare for what is to come. Medjugorje is the final battle. Our Lady stated that What she began in Fatima, she will fulfil in Medjugorje. Therefore Russia is key. Russia is the main theme of Fatima and with the current affairs around the world pointing to catastrophe between the west and Russia, it is only a matter of time before Russia fulfils the prophecies of Fatima. Russia will be the scourge of the nations. Russia will lead us on the path to conversion and will be the country that give more glory to God. All these things are in effect just now. However World War 3 is a possibility, especially adding North Korea in to the mix. It is only speculation with an alert mind, but as Marjiana Soldo, the visionary who is to reveal these secrets has said, she can already see things in motion around the world that will bring about the events contained in the 10 secrets. Medjugorje and Fatima are linked. I also add Garabandal and Akita prophecies in to this jigsaw. Pope Leo XIII spoke of how Satan, shortly in to the 20th century was granted the 20th century to test the church. Since 1917 the woman clothed in the Sun, Mary the Mother of God, appeared in Fatima, waring of the future events. From Russia and communism to the pope being shot… all these prophecies came true. Now in Medjugorje she is finishing the battle for the glory of God. Satan is running out of time and the fight is on! But when the secrets come to pass, his power will be diminished. The video on Medjugorje explains how it began, the secrets and visible sign, the scientific investigations and what we must do. Medjugorje can be summed up in one word – PREPARATION. Some video footage and photographs have been taken through creative commons searches and is collaborated under fair use policy to bring this video. No copyright infringement intended.