New Prophecy from apparition with Mystic Gisella Cardia: “Diseases and viruses will be worse, but you have only one cure:”

Gisella – Diseases Will be Worse

Our Lady to Gisella Cardia on December 27th, 2020:

Dear children, I am the Immaculate Conception; I am coming to instruct you once again for the times to come. My beloved children, since you are still talking about the things of the world, planning your future and counting on earthly things, I advise you to think more about spiritual things. Do not be angry at what is happening around you: unfortunately man’s worst enemy is his Ego, which this humanity does not have the strength to eliminate totally from its life. Be assured, children, that each of you will be held responsible for your actions before God and towards your neighbor; forgive, because what will come will be much worse than what you are experiencing. Diseases and viruses will be worse, but you have only one cure: prayer and constantly entrusting yourselves to God. My children, you are not alone, and do not be afraid: the only important thing is to choose which side to stand on, because this will be the final reckoning for eternal life. Now I leave you with my Maternal blessing together with that of my Father, who loves you without measure.