Vatican Exorcist on Medjugorje: “God has given us Mary as the last chance to save humanity”.

Father Gabriele Amorth (RIP) was famous for being the “Vatican’s Exorcist”

In his writings, he spoke of the Queen of Peace of Medjugorje and defined the apparitions 
as “a massive work of catechesis”, which directs us, every day, to the ways to win the battle against evil. –  ” God has given us Mary as the last chance to save humanity”.

Father Amorth about to those who do not believe in Medjugorje

Father Amorth said freely: “I am opposed to these Bishops and priests who do not believe in Medjugorje, because I think so: the Church is pronounced only when the facts are over. But Medjugorje has lasted for 33 years. We have a law of the Church, which is the most important, to make us distinguish extraordinary facts from facts that are not: from the fruits we know the plant . Now, it is 33 years that Medjugorje has exquisite fruits “.

And Father Amorth used the Medjugorje messages for monthly catecheses, every 25th of the month, based on the special message that the visionary Marija received from Our Lady that day. After that, he celebrated Mass and presided at Eucharistic Adoration: “whoever prays the Rosary every day”, “is the most powerful of every destructive weapon”.

” Medjugorje is the most important of the apparitions , the fulfillment of Fatima and Lourdes”. “A new push was essential, the leading message, as in Fatima, on the return to Christian life, to prayer, to fasting; an outpost in the fight against the devil “.

Our Lady’s messages always try to invite us to change our lives, to direct our conduct towards good, according to the teachings of Christ; showing the next how the authentic Christian behaves: “Where you talk badly you do not accept bad speeches. You will be criticized “,” the important thing is to please God . And it often happens that the seed bears fruit “. 
“Satan is afraid only of prayer and in particular fears the Rosary”. “It is a gift of God the faith”, “which can be lost, which must be nourished with prayer”. 
The message / advice is, therefore, very clear: never stop praying, to increase our faith, all the rest will be strengthened and defended by the intercession of Mary.

Antonella Sanicanti