Western laws now clash with moral nature of man…Head of Russian Church: Political Correctness Is Used to Attack Christian Values

In this 2-minute video, Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Church, makes a startling case about political correctness.

He explains that political correctness is used to cut the West off from its Christian roots…and to stop Christians from practicing their faith openly. 

Xmas, gender-neutral pronouns, etc, directly attack the fundamental Christian values at the core of traditional European culture.

The Russians who lived through the Soviet Union remember a government that tried to obliterate Christianity, supposedly in the name of “human rights and liberties and a better tomorrow.”

“So,” the Patriarch says, “we’re very wary when under the guise of political correctness and universal rights and liberty, we glimpse signs of discrimination against the people who were once open about their Christian convictions. “

Most definitely worth watching.