Woman sees the face of Jesus on the statue of Risen Christ where water drips…”It was like a real face appeared.”

Elizabeth Karatkivcz: 
I just want to add, I was blessed enough to have a mother who took me to Medugorje..actually 2 times. The second time I went, I saw the tears coming from the statue..but then I also saw Jesus’ face appear in the statue, right where the tears are coming from. It was not like ‘oh I can make out a face’…it was like a real face just appeared. I will never forget the detail in His eyes and the love I felt. I was changed from that moment on and the want everyone to know that I was not a very good person at that time..but Jesus loves us and wishes to reach us, no matter where we are in our life! There is never anything too big or too wrong that should keep any of us from going to Him. Peace to you all…