Vatican Exorcist Gabrielle Amorth (RIP): Celebration of Halloween is to give the devil a glimpse of that person!

 “To celebrate Halloween means giving a devil (glory) to a devil, who, if left alone in one night, thinks he is claiming the right to a person. Therefore, do not be surprised if the world is going down, and if the doctors’ and psychiatrists are full of hungry children, vandals, nervous, and children who are obsessed and depressed, possible suicides, “said father Gabriel Amorth to the world.

He warns that creepy masks, seemingly harmless, honor “the prince of this world-the devil”.

“I am very sorry that Italy, like the rest of Europe, is away from Jesus and even worshiped Satan,” says the exorcist that “Halloween is presented as a kind of spirit of spiritism in the form of a game.”

“The hell of a devil is right here. If you notice everything is presented in the form of innocent playfulness. And sin is no more sin in today’s world. Everything is camouflaged in the form of need, freedom and personal satisfaction and pleasure.Man has become a god of himself, just what the devil wants, “Father Amorth concluded.