600 Documented Miraculous Healings at Medjugorje and the Astonishing Case of Arthur Boyle

Reprint From Dnevno.hr Translated by Google
More than six hundred miraculous healings have been reported in Medjugorje since the first apparitions. It is about documented healings for which after the scientific theological investigation there has been no cause other than the supernatural and the miraculous. In addition to these healings, there are thousands of testimonies that are healed both spirit and body, and which are not recorded. One of the particularly touching testimonies of Medjugorje is that of American Arthur Boyle from Hingham near Boston who came to Medjugorje near death.
Physicians have done it, but they have already been written off, but it seems that the sky is not. Namely, when he came to Medjugorje, he was suffering from kidney cancer, after which the cancer had caught the lungs, while after returning from Medjugorje he did not have cancer, to the astonishment of his doctors and family.
“In 1999, I was diagnosed with cancer. First I had kidney cancer and I was operated. One kidney is removed. They thought the operation would solve all this. Eight months later I went back to the search and the doctors discovered three tumors in the right lung flank.
They gave me less than five percent chance to survive. There could be no radiation or chemotherapy … The only remaining surgery and removal of the right pulmonary wrist. At that time my best friend asked me if I heard about Medjugorje. I remember that a dozen years ago, my daughter, who studied medicine, brought a Medjugorje book entitled “Medjugorje Messages” and gave it to my mom – my wife. My wife read the messages, but I did not pay special attention to it.
And after my friend asked about Medjugorje, I went home and asked the woman, “What is Medjugorje, what did you tell me about Medjugorje?” She told me all about this place of prayer, love, peace, healing … A week later we were three: I, husband of my wife’s sister Kevin Gill and friend Robert Griffin, sat on the plane and came to Medjugorje After a long trip to Arthur, the lung cancer, immediately after arriving in Medjugorje with friends goes to the church of St. James on the evening.
It was a big crowd in the church, and others prayed for the rosary. Among the crowns, Ave Maria was singing, Arthur told the evening.ba , adding that he had touched him when he saw all his heart sing, at the same time. That made him somehow raised, giving him strength. He went out with friends on confession tomorrow. They found a priest, who, as they said, was extremely friendly. When Arthur finished confessing, all the depression and chaos he had had came out of him. He was like a new person. Then they decided to climb to Mount Križevac.
Healing on Križevac
‘It was a rainy day. When I was climbing, I was tired and I felt a lot of pain and feeling like I was worse and worse … My chest pained me, like never before. We climbed to the top. We were just three of us on Mount Križevac.
We prayed with the full heart that God forgave us all our sins and helped me recover. We were crying for three of the adult men we prayed … After that I called the woman’s cell phone, because I had the feeling, as well as my friends, that something with me was strange and happened just on Mount Križevac. She told me that it was agreed, four days after I got back from Medjugorje, the operation of removing my right pulmonary wrist.
I asked the woman to ask the doctors whether I could check back to America once again before the surgery, and see what the condition is with my cancer and to organize it all if possible. The secretary of the physician who was to do the operation shortly then called me and said, ‘Mr. Boyle, we know that you are in Medjugorje and we know why you are there. That’s a wonderful thing.
But you have cancer and he will not disappear, believe me. Be assured, we will have to do that operation ‘. After such a response, my wife contacted her with another doctor. When I came home, I told everyone: God healed me, I was healed in my heart. Spiritually I was healed. All I had in my mind was unhappy, I was thrown into Medjugorje for confession. I told them all that happened to me and explained the way I told them at the very beginning. Peace was when I was talking.
That is the peace I brought from Medjugorje. And all that I said later, it was confirmed when I went to a new doctor to make new findings. “I went to this new doctor with whom the woman contacted him and brought him earlier and new footage.
He told me to wait five minutes and then he invited me to his office. Czech was choking and weird. He told me that cancer just went away, he did not have it. We called all urologists who were supposed to be in the operation and informed them about it.
All of them, with great astonishment, however, accepted it. And on September 14, when traditionally celebrated the Mass at Križevac, instead of going to the surgery and extracting the right pulmonary wrist, I went to play golf with Kevin and other friends. “