Medjugorje: Jakov – ”I would like to reveal a fact that perhaps few know. Yes, I have seen Our Lady cry. They are true tears. She cries for the sins of the world”

During an interview for Radio Maria, Father Livio asked Jakov Colo, one of the visionaries of Medjugorje, if he had ever seen Our Lady cry, so replied Jokov:

FATHER LIVIO: Have you seen Mary cry?

JAKOV: Yes, I saw her. In this regard I would like to reveal a fact that perhaps few know. As we know, now Our Lady comes every second day of the month from Mirjana to pray together for the unbelievers. Once many years before this, I do not remember exactly when, I saw the Madonna crying, saying: “I cry”. I asked her: “Madonna, why are you crying?”. She replied: “I am crying because there are still many people who have not known the love of God”. After I do not know how many years, Our Lady gave the same message to Mirjana and comes to pray with her for the unbelievers.

PADRE LIVIO: What impression did Our Lady cry?

JAKOV: I too was sad, very sad, because, knowing the Madonna and knowing her habitual joy, you too remain sad and you wonder what happened, what we did. But at the same time you know what we have done and you know why Our Lady cries: she cries for me, for my sins, for this world.

PADRE LIVIO: Even for yours?

JAKOV: Absolutely, I have them too.

PADRE LIVIO: But come true tears from the face of the Madonna?

JAKOV: Yes, they are real tears.

PADRE LIVIO: When one sees the Madonna crying, what would she like to do?

JAKOV: I would like to help her and would like those tears to disappear forever from the Madonna’s face and return that beautiful smile.

PADRE LIVIO: And what can we do?

JAKOV: We can accept all the messages you send to us. The only help is this: to really open up to her, open up to Jesus, accept what Our Lady tells us and then help others, but not as we do so many times, often just talking, talking, talking, but rather testifying with the our life.

FATHER LIVIO: That is, we must wipe away his tears by being faithful sons and helping them …

JAKOV: Helping her to accomplish what Our Lady came for.