Medjugorje Today May 11, 2021 New Message from Our Lady to Ivan – “I pray for your perseverance  and for your abandonment.”

Dear priests, dear friends in Christ, once again I cordially greet you during our prayer together. 

Introduction by the seer Ivan

How many times has Our Lady called us  in these almost forty years and told us:  “Children, you are chosen to be  witnesses of peace and joy”. We know that these words  come from a pure heart, a heart of peace,  a heart of calm, a heart that never tires. Dear friends, every month Our Lady gives us  a message with which she wants to guide us,  which is like a sign on the road  to show us the right direction.

You know, when you drive a car,  there are these signs that show us  the way, where to go. If we stopped at the sign, we  stayed at the sign,  we would never reach the goal,  the place where we have to go. So the sign has the meaning  of not getting lost in order to get to a place  and the message of Our Lady  wishes to guide us, to carry us forward  and it is we who decide  whether we want to follow it or not.

The exhortation of Our Lady for almost 40 years

For almost forty years Our Lady  has spoken  to us and speaks to our hearts:  “Pray dear children”. Thousand and a thousand times you have said these words:  may prayer be a joyful encounter with the Savior. The fruit of prayer is love,  this love that we seek  and to which we aspire.

In the times in which we live we  encounter less and less love  in human relationships. There is more and more jealousy and chatter,  ways to exploit others. And why is prayer so difficult? Are we the ones who don’t believe  in his omnipotence or do we  lack faith in God’s omnipotence?

God can give us what we ask for  and peace can only soothe  where the door is open. Jesus stands outside the door. Peace has its price:  peace cannot be bought  like things in shops. Therefore and for that reason our mother  has called us many times in these forty years  and calls us to peace of heart.

Even today the Mother came to us  very joyful and happy. She greeted us with her maternal greeting:  “May Jesus be praised, my dear children”. With outstretched hands he prayed over us,  especially the priests and the sick present. Then Our Lady said these words

Medjugorje, extraordinary message of May 8, 2021 to the visionary Ivan

“Dear children, I am with you and I thank God  for each one of you who seriously  accepted the call to prayer. I pray for all of you and intercede  before my son for each of you. I pray for your perseverance  and for your abandonment. Thank you dear children for having responded  to my call once again today ”.

At the end of the apparition

Our Lady blessed all the objects.  First she gave us her maternal blessing. Then he blessed the items you brought for blessing. I have recommended all of you, your intentions, your needs, your families and in a special way those who have recommended themselves in prayer and the sick, the priests, especially with your parishes. For some time then Our Lady prayed for priests and for priests.

Then in this prayer she went away  under the sign of light and the cross  with the greeting “Go in peace, my dear children”. Dear friends, this in short was  the most important nucleus  of tonight’s meeting with Our Lady in the words that are mine.

Thank you.