Mystic Post Heading to Medjugorje for the First Time on a Spiritual Journey- So Excited !

People I have met through my Mystic Post ministry are very surprised to learn  I have never actually been to the town of Medjugorje.

Of course, Medjugorje is in my heart… Seven years ago Medjugorje changed my life from 3,000 miles away.

Now, as I count the days until I leave, only God knows what happens next to my soul when I find myself at the top of Cross Mountain looking down at St. James Church so close to Our lady – so close to heaven. I truly wait in wonder. 

In preparing for my trip I have focused on the logistics of faraway travel – I have made a conscious effort to put my expectations in a sensible place.  I want the experience of Medjugorje to unfold naturally. I think about Medjugorje’s 5 stones a lot.

The Eucharist
The Bible


I leave for Medjugorje on October 30, 2017, and I cannot be more excited.

If anybody out there has tips or advice on how to get the most out of the experience, I am all ears.

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I will be traveling with Wayne Weible’s group.

206 Tours is organizing the trip and I can not say enough about how professional and courteous they have been. I highly recommend 206 Tours to anyone contemplating a spiritual journey overseas.  

God Bless,

Stephen Ryan







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3 thoughts on “Mystic Post Heading to Medjugorje for the First Time on a Spiritual Journey- So Excited !

  • You have already mentioned the most important aspect of traveling to the Parish of Medugorje, which is to go with no expectations. Our lady has called you, ..go with an open heart. I remember my first visit and I recognize your excitement. I will keep you in my prayers to have a safe and fruitful Journey. Please say a small prayer for me when you’re in St James.

  • Hello Stephen, please try to take some time out each day to go away from the group and pray alone. A pilgrimage can get very busy, so quiet times are needed to listen to what God and Our Lady might be trying to tell you.

    Keep in mind just how important Medjugorje is in the Lord’s plan for the world – the first secret will break Satan’s power and that is why the devil is so active right now as his time is running out.

    God bless.

    • great advice.. this is my # 1 goal

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