All is NOT Well “Entering into a dark age” – Fr. Mark Goring

Prayer for the new year!

at the end of this year I want to thank you
for all that I have received from you,
thank you for the life and love,
for the flowers, the air and the sun,
for the joy and the pain,
for what it is it was possible
and for what it could not be.

I give you what I did this year :
the work I was able to do,
the things that passed through my hands
and what I was able to build with them.

I offer you the people I have always loved ,
new friendships, those closest to me,
those who are furthest away,
those who are gone,
those who asked me for a hand
and those I could help,
those with whom I have shared life,
work, pain and happiness.

Today, Lord, I also want to ask forgiveness
for wasted time, for badly spent money,
for useless words and for despised love,
forgiveness for empty works,
for bad work,
for living without enthusiasm
and for the prayer always postponed,
for all my forgetfulness and my silences,
simply … I ask your forgiveness.

Lord God, Lord of time and eternity ,
yours is today and tomorrow, the past and the future, and, at the beginning of a new year,
I stop my life in front of the calendar
yet to be inaugurated
and I offer you those days that only you know if I will come to live.