Catholic Everything Expo2 Conference MAY 29th – June 1 2024!

John Leaps Evangelization presents

Catholic Everything Expo2

Felician University, Lodi, NJ

Register on

May 29, 2024- Jun 1, 2024                                           

“I Want My Children Healed”

 An Extravaganza of Healing

Grand participation of Encounter Healing Ministry


7:30  Registration

8:30 Patriotic Rosary

9:00   MASS – Fr. Ernie Rush  “Healing of Hearts

10:00 Craig Turner  “The Divine Warning Ignored

11:00  Fr. Vince Lampert-Exorcist  “Board Plan of Satan

12:00 Lunch/ Expo/Adoration

3:00 Chaplet-Fr Vince Lampert- ExorcistThe Plan of God”, and Q & A’s

4:30 Sr Deirdre Byrne, POSC  “A Tale of Two SIsters”,  Documentary Trailer(Euthanasia vs. End of Life Loving Care )

5:00 Healing Talk Ferverino

5:30 Marian Procession

6:15  End 


8:00  Registration (if you didn’t  registered yet)

8:30  Patriotic Rosary

9:00   MASS – Fr. Justin Cinnante, OCarm “God’s Rescue Mission: Mary

10:00 Zac King- Ex Satanic Wizard  “God’s Excessive Mercy in my life

11:00 Fr Chris Alar, MIC  “Nothing Destroys Evil Like Divine Mercy

12:00 Lunch/ Expo/rosary/adoration

2:45 Chaplet- Sr Dede  “Its before the Most Blessed Sacrament that I found the Love of Jesus and the Power of that Love , “ Blessed Greco (Founder)

4:00 Bishop Coffey, MiArch “ Catholic on Fire, Fr Vincent Cappodanno

5:00  Fr Ozele Fervorino 15 minutes

530 Book Signing

6:30 End

5/31/2024 Visitation of Mary

May Crowning after mass…bring flowers!

8:00  Registration (if you didn’t  registered yet) otherwise come for the rosary

8:30  Sorrowful Rosary

9:00   MASS -Bishop Coffey, MiArch   Homily “The Bishops Directive: Eucharistic Revival”  

May Crowning

10:15 Fr Jeff Pomeisl   “Power of the Three Hearts of the Holy Family

11:00 Fr Chris Alar, MIC “Our Lady of America

12:00  Lunch/ Expo/Rosary/Adoration

2:30  Kristin Bird- Coalition of Eucharistic and Marian Apostolates (CEMA

3:00 Chaplet- Zac King  “Fulfilling God’s Mission

4:00 Deacon Darrell Wentworth  “Explosion of Grace

5:00 Dr Antone Raymundo  “The Spirit and the Bride Say Come

6:00 Healing Talk

6:30 End 


8:00  Registration (if you didn’t  registered yet)

8:30   Patriotic Rosary

9:00  MASS – Fr. Anthony Ozele “Aflame with God’s Power

10:00 Fr. Anthony Ozele “Bringing God’s Power forth

11:00 Patrick & Joy Campbell and Fr Ernie “Secrets of Breakthrough Healing

12:00  Lunch/ Expo/Rosary/Adoration

3:00 Chaplet- Jim Tortorici  “Mobilizing the Army of the Lord for the Harvest

4:00 Patrick and Joy Campbell and Fr Ernie “Spiritual Warfare and What Satan Doesn’t Want You to Know

5:00- 6:30  Break for  Dinner

6:30 Healing



Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Pray for us! pray for us!

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