This is Why it is Time to become an Apostle of Mary’s Love: “Be humble and fearless, persevering and strong in faith”

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Dearest Fr. Livio good morning,

regarding the small number of Christians who decided to be Mary’s apostles and therefore to follow her, it should not surprise us because the Bible is full of similar facts starting from the birth of the Church with only 11 apostles, which subsequently became the Universal Church.

I think that Our Lady is preparing her army a bit like God did with Gideon’s by first screening those who were afraid and then those who would take the water directly with their mouths!

Our leader simply wants us to be humble but fearless, persevering and strong in faith… just as the Lord wanted the Israelites to understand that they could win thanks to His strength and His presence and not to theirs… then all those for whom we have so much will be added prayed for their conversion!!!

A hug to all of Radio Maria who has now entered our hearts 💓


Dear Antonella,

 I agree with everything you wrote with great wisdom. This is the time when the Queen of Peace is training the warriors of her army.

He does it silently, but effectively, detaching them from the world and from sin, purifying them with trials, fortifying them in faith and tempering them in spiritual combat.

Mary chooses her apostles where one least expects it, not infrequently among the most unknown people, among the poor and the little ones, just as Jesus did with his Apostles.

Among them there are many of those who responded to his call and who now must persevere, accepting misunderstandings, derision and persecution, not infrequently from those who should be united in faith.

In particular, Our Lady has a look of predilection for Priests, because Christ made them shepherds of the flock and because they must be the bridge that will allow the people of God’s seekers to cross the Red Sea in the time of secrets.

Being among the Apostles of Mary is an inestimable grace, it is a special vocation to which we respond with generous determination, because it removes our life from the banality of ephemeral things and makes it great before the eyes of God, who lowers the proud and raises the humble .

Let each of us be proud to be an Apostle of Mary and respond with joy to this call which involves the struggle and the cross, in the certainty of the glory of the resurrection.

Ave Maria

Father Livio

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