New message with specific prophecies from “Seer” Luz de Maria de Bonilla “You are living in the midst of Tribulation such as there has not been since the beginning of the world until now.”

Source Count Down to the Kingdom

Luz de Maria – I Will Shorten the Time

Alleged message from Our Lord

My beloved People:

Receive my blessing and my love for each one of you.

As the air whispers, so my heart whispers love to my own, to draw them to me.

My beloved People, you continue to walk in the midst of daily life.  Humanity has become accustomed to this daily life and there are few things that make you stop and meditate on their repercussions.  This is the result of the constant innovations being implemented so that mankind does not react to the changes, but on the contrary, would view everything that happens as normal.

My Church is being forcefully invaded by the smoke of Satan, which is becoming more present in Her, without My children discerning where they are being led.

This generation of innovations takes whatever is imposed on it as one more innovation, and thus they are being led along the path of horror, where demonic forces come to persecute them personally.

I have warned you of changes within the institution of My Church that would lead you away from My truth, and yet you have disregarded My words and those of My Mother.  


You must reason, work and act as creatures of Faith in the face of the growing imposition of the world order, without forgetting that Faith must be put into practice so that the seeds may grow and bear fruits of Eternal Life.


My beloved People, I will shorten the days for love of My Mother and her constant Petitions.


Do not be deceived by dates; keep yourselves prepared, like the virgins with lamps full of oil! (Mt 25:4).


Do not be confused, you are living in the midst of Tribulation such as there has not been since the beginning of the world until now, nor will there be again… Because of the constant pleas of My Mother and of My Chosen Ones, I will shorten the time so that all My faithful would not be lost.

You are living in war and this is solidifying, humanity is becoming afraid, but it is necessary for this to happen; the hardness of My children’s hearts must yield before the cruelty of man himself, who acts without fear.

Remain alert: the Mediterranean Sea will be a cause of world news, the Powers will not wait to demonstrate their greatness.

Pray my children, pray for the Middle East.

Pray my children, pray for the United States, nature is scourging it, the Earth will shake. 

Pray my children, pray, Russia will emerge from passivity. 

My beloved People, through their activity volcanoes will pollute the waters: this precious liquid that you do not value will then be the cause of conflicts.


My beloved People, are you looking at your daily life? From one moment to the next you have been experiencing the unexpected, caused by the hand of men of science and used to harm humanity. You do not see that you are being very subtly manipulated, until the henchmen of evil will appear before you, and wickedness – established by then – will make some betray others.


Pray and lift up your spirit before these things happen, otherwise few will persevere in the Faith.


I am not telling you about the end of the world, but rather of this generation in which My Word will be fulfilled. You are not unaware of the events.

I am Merciful and I receive you with great joy when you repent and convert. You must prepare yourselves at this time, for the days will rush by, hastening events.


You are My children whom I love, and you must increase in Faith. Love your neighbor, for Charity among My children will disappear.


Do not be afraid of what I set before you, but rather rejoice, for I the Lord am with My People and I protect you at all times.


Give thanks for all that you have and be creatures of peace, fervent lovers of My Mother and faithful to Saint Michael the Archangel and the Heavenly Choirs.


My love is for My children: I will not forsake you, I remain attentive to each one of you – be faithful, receive Me, adore Me.


My Angel of Peace will come; this assistance of mine for My People will come, and once again My People will be witnesses of My love. [2]Revelations about the Angel of Peace…


I bless you, beloved children.


Be those who have Love, Faith, Hope and Charity.


Your Jesus