Sr. Emmanuel from Medjugorje: A special prayer of Consecration for a new born baby…”An efficient weapon to protect you baby”

Today, those who are in the most danger and under threat are Her children. But, with the Consecration, we have a very efficient weapon to protect them. What is it exactly? We might already know, that through the Consecration, we give ourselves entirely to Our Lady, forever and without reserve, so that we may belong
to Her. Through this She guides us to Jesus.

But there is also another side of the Consecration which we often miss, though it is the most beautiful part of it. We can compare the Consecration with the umbilical cord for unborn babies. While they are in the womb, they receive everything from their mother so that they may live and grow.

The same reality happens in the spiritual life when we pray the Consecration: Our Lady gives us all that we need for our spiritual growth, so that we are in a real communion of life and love with Her. But for this to happen and work well, we have to become completely dependent on Her. This is the key that allows Her to give Her Heart to us so that evil cannot touch us.

If we experience this reality and teach it to our children, mainly
with our example, then we don’t need to worry about them.
Remember that in Fatima, Our Lady Herself promised: ‘In the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph’. We can experience this triumph in our own lives by living the Consecration, by becoming dependent on Her. In one word, the more we belong to Her, the more She belongs to us.  Then we become Her living presence in
the world as Her extended Heart.

Recently, a family asked me to write down a prayer of Consecration for a little new-born baby girl who was
to be baptized. I thought that it would be nice to publish it here. For all the parents who have not consecrated their children yet, this can be used. Of course, each family can adjust it according to their own heart.

Consecration of a baby girl to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
Blessed Virgin Mary, we are here today to introduce to You our daughter Veronica, this wonderful creature that the Creator has given us and entrusted to our care. In the womb, you were already with her!

You know how many times we cried out to You asking that she come to us in good health until the end of
the pregnancy. You gave us this victory and now she lives! We thank You from the bottom of our hearts for
this miracle!

And now, dear Mother, please place Your gaze on Your little girl, whom we present to You with such gratitude! She is already entirely Yours, but today we want to consecrate her especially to Your Immaculate Heart, so that her entire being can resemble You. O Holy Mother of God, we ask You to touch her eyes, that they may marvel and recognize Jesus in others; Touch her ears, that they may listen to the voice of the Good Shepherd and follow Him; Touch her hands, that they may caress hearts that are desperate, do good and perform works of mercy; Touch her feet, that they may take her where God calls her; Touch her head, that her thoughts may always be pleasing to Jesus; Touch her whole body, that she may always be the temple of the Holy Spirit, pure and beautiful; Touch her soul, that it may always be the Tabernacle of the Living God; Touch her heart, that it may brim over more and more with the Spirit of Love, to be able to console, enlighten and give hope to this world that is so deprived of love!
Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus said: “The treasure of the mother belongs to the child”.

We pray to You:
May [Veronica] benefit from all Your virtues, especially those of humility, purity of heart and mercy. And as her parents, may we help her through our example. O Immaculate Virgin, keep her always in Your arms, against Your tender Heart, wrapped in Your
Motherly Mantle, that she may be protected from all evil and all the snares of the enemy. O Our Advocate, keep her safe from the fears and anxieties that come from the evil one! You who are the
Queen of Angels, surround her with legions of Angels and help her to follow their inspirations so that she may always walk on the beautiful path of holiness that God has prepared for her. We ask you to make her a saint! With full confidence, we ask You to help her to fulfil in peace the beautiful project that God
conceived for her in His unadulterated Love when He created her. May she become His consolation! Our dear Mother, cause of our joy, we consecrate [Veronica] to You, and we thank You in advance for the way you will lead her to Jesus, day after day, until the blessed moment when she is worthy to enter into
Eternal bliss, hand in hand with You. (Then you may sing the Magnificat)

Sr. Emmanuel