Important message from Mirjana: ”Do not believe those who want to frighten you, because a Mother did not come to earth to destroy her children, Our Lady came to earth to save her children.”

Source: Alta Vista

Ask Mirjana why we will know the secrets three days ago.

MIRJANA – Right away the secrets. Secrets are secret, and I think we are not the ones we keep [probably in the sense of “guarding”] the secrets. I think that God is the one who keeps the secrets. I take myself as an example. The last doctors who examined me, hypnotized me; and, under hypnosis, they made me return at the time of the first appearances in the truth machine. 

This story is very long. To shorten: when I was in the truth machine they could know everything they wanted, but nothing about the secrets. This is why I think that God is the one who keeps the secrets. The meaning of the three days before will be understood when God tells it. But I want to tell you one thing: do not believe those who want to frighten you, because a Mother did not come to earth to destroy her children, Our Lady came to earth to save her children.

 How can the Heart of our Mother triumph if the children are destroyed? This is why true faith is not faith that comes from fear; true faith is that which comes from love. For this reason, as a sister, I recommend you: put yourself in the hands of Our Lady, and do not worry about anything, because Mamma will take care of everything.


Question: Can you tell us something about your meeting with John Paul II?

MIRJANA – That was a meeting that I will never forget in my life. I was in San Pietro with an Italian priest along with the other pilgrims. And our Pope, holy Pope, passed and gave blessing to everyone, and so also to me, and he was going away. That priest called him, saying: “Holy Father, this is Mirjana of Medjugorje”. And he came back again and blessed me again. So I told the priest: “There is nothing to do, he thinks I need a double blessing”.

 Later, in the afternoon, we received a letter with an invitation to go tomorrow to Castel Gandolfo. The next morning we met: we were alone and in the midst of other things our Pope told me: “If I were not Pope, I would already have come to Medjugorje. I know everything, I follow everything. Protect Medjugorje because it is hope for the whole world; and ask the pilgrims to pray for my intentions “. 

And, when the Pope died, after a few months a friend of the Pope came here who wanted to remain incognito. He brought the Pope’s shoes, and told me: “The Pope always had so much desire to come to Medjugorje. And I jokingly said to him: If you don’t go, I bring your shoes, so, in a symbolic way, you too will walk on that land you love so much. So I had to keep my promise: I brought the Pope’s shoes “.

I am sorry that I cannot tell you more about everything that Our Lady is preparing us for all these years, but I can tell you one thing: There is the time that we live now, it is our time, and there is the time of the triumph of the Heart of Our Mother; between these two times there is a bridge, and that bridge are our priests. For this reason Our Lady insists so much, especially in recent times, on the prayer for them, because that bridge must be very strong to be able to pass all of us. Our Lady says: “With them I will triumph”. Now, without our priests, there is no triumph of the Heart of Our Mother.