Visionary Jakov Reveals: How to “deserve the Kingdom of eternal life.” Our Lady shows us the way


 “I thank God for the gift of being still here on earth, because it is a new opportunity to become better, to deserve the Kingdom of eternal life.”

“What does Our Lady still want to tell us?” I think this is our human question.

We don’t have to ask questions.

What happens in Medjugorje is a plan of God. God wanted it so.

What should we do? Respond to this invitation from God.

Our Lady often says in her messages: “Dear children, open your hearts to Me”. If we open our hearts to the Madonna and to the Lord each of us will understand why the Madonna comes here. We will understand Our Lady and welcome you into our heart as our Mother. She comes because she is the Mother of all of us, because she loves us all and wants to show us the way that leads us to peace, salvation and joy. We can find this way only in His Son Jesus Christ.
This is the only reason why Our Lady appears so long here in Medjugorje.


When the apparitions began I was ten years old. I am the smallest of the six visionaries. Before the apparitions mine was the life of a normal child. I lived a simple faith. A ten year old does not have a great faith experience. He does what his parents teach him. My parents taught me that God and Our Lady exist. They taught me to be good, to go to Holy Mass, to pray. Every evening we prayed with the family, but I never asked for the gift of seeing the Madonna. I didn’t even know that the Madonna could appear. I knew that God and Our Lady exist, but for me they were in Heaven and I could only pray.

But everything changed on June 25, 1981. I can say in front of you that that was the most beautiful day of my life. It is the day when God has given me the great grace to see Our Lady. I remember this first meeting with great joy and emotion. The first time we went up the hill and knelt in front of the Madonna I experienced immense joy and peace in my heart. It is the first time that I have tried the Love of Our Lady. I have seen this Love in Her Eyes and I have felt it in my heart. It was the first moment when I welcomed Our Lady as my Mother and I loved her as such.

After this first meeting we remained in prayer. Even though we were kids, we understood that we had received something great. We understood that from that moment a new life would begin with a great responsibility.
We asked ourselves how we could go on and meet all the requests of Our Lady. These questions were constantly bubbling through our heads until he gave us a message: “Dear children, as long as you open your heart to Me. I will do the rest by myself ”. So I understood that I, as a boy, could not do much, but I can say my “Yes” to Our Lady and Jesus Christ and I can offer my life in Their Hands. After that total offer, a new life began for me.
I can never thank enough for the gift received. But the greatest gift was to know Jesus through the Madonna.

As I have already said, the reason why Our Lady has been coming for 34 years is to lead us to Jesus and she does it through prayer, conversion, peace, fasting and Holy Mass.
Our Lady has invited us many times in her messages to prayer. There were messages in which he said only three words: “Pray, pray, pray”. Every time she invites us to prayer she tells us to do it with the heart. She tells us to open our hearts to experience the joy and peace of prayer.
Nobody is forced to pray, because Our Lady never told us “you have to”. But she invites us. Each of our hearts must feel the need for prayer. Prayer must become our daily food. When we pray with the heart we get the answer to everything we seek in our life.

Therefore I invite you: to start a true pilgrimage here in Medjugorje clean your heart from sin. The first thing we need to do is confess. So we can start the pilgrimage with a pure heart. Only with a pure heart can we welcome and live what Our Lady invites us to in all these years.

Pilgrims often ask me what prayer with the heart is. Nobody can explain what it is. I know it’s a gift that God wants to give everyone. To get it, however, I have to look for it and welcome it.
Come here for a few days in Medjugorje and hear various testimonies. It is very beautiful, but what is most beautiful is to allow God to speak in our hearts. This means being alone in silence to dialogue with him. We seek the gift of opening our hearts to him and praying with joy.
Our Lady often invites us to pray in our families and to put God first, because she said that nothing can unite the family like prayer in common. If God is in the first place, each of our families becomes holy. We must be an example to our children. I too am a father of three. I understand that a child is a child of God and I, as a parent, have a great responsibility towards children.
I always remember the words of the late father Slavko Barbaric who said: “You parents must put in the hearts of your children when the roots of faith are small. Even if these children will turn away from God sooner or later they will come back, because what you have given them remains in their hearts “.
Every parent has responsibilities. We parents are wrong, because we give our children many material things and maybe we don’t spend time with them. Perhaps at that moment the child is happy, but what is most important and needs is peace and love in the family. See God first in the family.

In many messages Our Lady invites us to fast. Many people ask themselves, “Why fast?” We have the answer. Our Lady said to us: “Dear children, with prayer and fasting you can accomplish everything. You can even stop wars. “
I often see pilgrims who come here to Medjugorje with many questions and looking for many graces. They go to many places and ask what they have to do. But Our Lady tells us that with prayer and fasting we can accomplish everything and we can also stop wars. We have to start doing it.
Our Lady says: “Fast with love in silence”. We are in need of fasting. We forget everything that God has given us and we also forget all those people who starve to death in the world. We always ask God for more. We look for things that are not necessary. In a message, Our Lady says: “Dear children, you have many things and you do many things, but without the blessing of God”. It really is so. Each of us may think that he has a lot, that he is happy, but if I do not put God in the first place in my life and if I do not have His blessing, I have nothing. I am not happy and I will never be.
One does not come to Medjugorje for the six visionaries. None of them are holy. We are men like you. We want and want to be saints. We too are called to holiness, but we are like all of you.

Don’t come here to Medjugorje looking for some sign, like the sun turning. Even during Holy Mass I sometimes see pilgrims staring at the sun to look for the sign. But the greatest sign that God has left us is in the Holy Mass, Jesus on earth. This is not Medjugorje.

The biggest sign you can experience here in Medjugorje is to change your life. This is the conversion. It is important to start a new life with the Madonna and with God.
Our Lady said: “Dear children, I want each of you to become My apostle in the world”.
I believe that each of you who came here to Medjugorje has a great responsibility. We must be apostles of Our Lady and testify. Testifying does not mean going around and talking. We are all good at talking. Our life must be a testimony. Each one must recognize in us the love of God.
We must not say: “We have been to Medjugorje”. We need to make other people see that we have been to Medjugorje. This is the example we must give to the world, especially to those people who have not yet known the love of God.

Often pilgrims ask me: “How beautiful is the Madonna, how is she?” I see her as a normal person. As I see you all now. I speak with you. I pray with you.
Our Lady has a gray dress, a white veil, blue eyes, black hair. This is what can be expressed in our words. The rest is difficult to express. I experience the beauty of the Madonna during the apparition in my heart. However I see her as a beautiful woman.
I remember when we were little we asked her: “How is it possible that you are so beautiful?” Smiling she replied: “Dear children, I am beautiful because I love”. To be beautiful, you too must love.

Pilgrims here in Medjugorje want to know something about secrets. When we think of secrets we immediately imagine bad things such as catastrophes or wars, but we must follow what Our Lady says: “Do not think about secrets, but pray”. The biggest secret in our life must be to always be ready to appear before God. God can call us whenever he wants. We don’t know when.
Are we ready to appear before Him? This is a great question.
When I wake up in the morning and see that I am alive and here on earth my first words are of thanks. I thank God for the gift of being still here on earth, because it is a new opportunity to become better, to deserve the Kingdom of eternal life.

So I invite you all: take advantage of the time you spend here in Medjugorje to open up to God. Each of you return to your changed home. Each of you start a new life with God and with Our Lady.
I will pray for all of you, for your intentions, your needs, for the sick. But you pray for us who are here in Medjugorje. What unites us and you pilgrims who have come to Medjugorje is prayer.
We always remain united in prayer.
Now let us pray to an Ave Maria for all your intentions.

Source: ML Information from Medjugorje