Radio Maria’s Father Livio: “The coronavirus is a criminal project.”

“Criminal project of world elites to eliminate those who are not there and reduce us to zombies”.

This is the thesis supported by Father Livio Fanzaga, director of the much-listened Radio Maria di Erba, on the origin and purpose of the coronavirus pandemic, which seems to align with conspiracy theories and denial.

Father Livio, having rejected the divine origin of the pandemic, as well as that of the origin from the Wuhan market, claims that the virus comes from a laboratory in the same Chinese city. «I do not exclude, indeed I have insisted – the message from the director of Radio Maria – on the fact that China has tested a technobiological weapon, which would be prohibited, but China has not signed the Geneva Convention. It is a hypothesis: an escaped weapon, perhaps, as various articles and interviews believe possible ».

The director of Radio Maria father Livio Fanzaga: “Covid criminal project of world elites”

The priest adds: “But I have broadened the horizons, you can trash what I say, maybe I myself will correct myself, but by acquiring new knowledge I have remained with the basic idea that I told you at the beginning: this epidemic is a project not random, which does not come from the bats or the Wuhan market. It developed as a very specific project to strike the West, perhaps not only from China. It is a deliberate fact and this epidemic has been tested, proven: a simulation was done while we were not aware. It started in Brazil, causing 60 million deaths, with a simulation of the Gates Foundation. And then in fact it came about exactly like that ».

Father Livio Fanzaga again: “I tell you how I think, this epidemic is a project that I have always attributed to the devil who acts through criminal minds who have achieved it with a very specific purpose: to create a sudden transition, after ideological preparation, politics and mass media, for a media coup d’état. A project aimed at weakening humanity, bringing it to its knees, establishing a sanitary and cybernetic dictatorship, creating a new world that is no longer of God the Creator, through the elimination of all those who do not say yes to this criminal project carried out by world elites, with complicity perhaps of some state.